So guys let us fight for World Championship

HEADING ;;; Why you guys are awesome and continue to make awesome posts and why I suck and continue to make sucking posts… Things have changed only here in this post and I want things to change for you and me, good things, I mean. So guys let us fight for World Championship.


Physical existence + virtual existence explanation is zero choice text + some choice text.

Zero choice ( text - language explanation of what happens automatically ) is which you must watch and change. But, change! How?

Some choice text —> is what you explain everything that is heart-(requirement) which gives you choice to change what is happening automatically if it can be changed with effort or great difficulty…

like habits, yeah we can’t change DNA or else blizzard will cancel out entry…

so I asked blizzard if I can use Brain upgrades like CEREBROLYSIN+NSI-189 and they said YES.

I need them because I am born with few Brain Birth Defects as I am prematurely born and was not a fully developed baby during birth.

We can change where we stand opinion wise, knowledge wise, habit wise etc and etc… So you change your automatic things that need change with some great extra push…

Also — some choice text —> There are HEARTHSTONE books on Amazon online store, kindle books for low price, yes it is just a game and yes you don’t need and some don’t want and some don’t like game-gaming books.

Okay, I accept.

All you have to do is write a book, at least make an effort and come up with a do’s and don’ts checklist for winning edge, forget not helpful RNG, if you have a checklist, good. How about write a book. Don’t say you have no time, don’t need, other excuses etc and etc.

Hey you said you are here for World Championship. Yes?

So, — zero choice text — change what can be changed and,

— some choice text — write everything and see if your choice is translating into perfection.

In the beginning we call it improvement and the end product is perfection.

Yes, perfection.

Just remember my life time effort gave me the law to perfection…

The law to perfection is … using the law… law alone is not it…

____ ---->>>>

[[[ Physical existence + virtual existence explanation is zero choice text + some choice text.

======= By Sagar Gorijala.

Please moderators, I was already told not to copy paste reddit posts but this post is my own post and felt that … I must post my life time achievement.


Physical existence + virtual existence explanation is zero choice text + some choice text.

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Also, I forgot to mention, some choice text— is explanation which identifies why winning and losing happens and how to change the result in your favor, if possible or where ever possible. Thanks.

keep em coming!!!

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Well to fight for a world championship you need tutelage, practice, training, hard work and dedication.


Thanks friend, I start now. And, I was always thinking, if I win, I don’t need even a penny, forget dollar, penny is a lot lesser than a dollar and, I am thinking I want to use it for you guys to have free CEREBROLYSIN+NSI-189. I’m honest on this reply. Yes, I cheated @farcry when I promised to help him and like a coward outright liar I didn’t keep my promise and am thinking it’s not my option, I am actually in a state of thinking that it is not " I didn’t " But, it is " I couldn’t ". If NSI-189 works in the next 20 days, I may get money again in December 2017 or January 2018 and I want to keep my promise. I don’t want to be an idiot for not doing the right thing when it matters most. Obviously I am in hell and @farcry too must follow suite so, I must keep my promise. Sorry guys. Sooner or later I will keep my promise. Just sorry and thanks for being there, always. Your supportive replies are always helpful and the only question is " Where am I, am I even listening or just hearing things? " It was always a nightmare. Things have improved with CEREBROLYSIN+NSI-189 but I’m not sure what improvement is waiting to occur…

Your reddit post contains the exact same text as your opening post on this thread. Isn’t posting a link to your reddit post redundant? :confused:

what is the 189 your talking about? is that some alternative off-the-beaten-path treatment you are trying out???

or is it a vitaman supplement???

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are you also saying someone is paying you in december 2017 for trying out a medicine or supplement???

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I love you Sagar Gorijala, you are a dear friend.


Guys I realized why my quotes are garbage. Here is the truth…

NSI 189 is a drug candidate for major depression, although I think it did not pass clinical trials. It has an interesting method of action; it stimulates neurogenesis in the hippocampus (at least in mice. I have not seen human studies measuring hippocampal growth.)

It hasn’t been studied in sz.

Apparently it’s available online without prescription.

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NSI-189 cured my depression.

Yesterday I was having delusions so during night I took 20 mg Olanzapine

and no Anhedonia, actually I had depression and it is gone. I am also thinking positive.

Behavior and ability improved.

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I’m glad you’re not feeling depressed. But … even if NSI 189 has an effect on the hippocampus in humans, it’s not going to act that fast, it’s not an antipsychotic and it doesn’t, apparently, act directly on neurotransmitters. So you may be getting some placebo effect.

However, keep us posted, the real test will be over time.


From day 1 depression was absent, now the head is so clear and I reached the state which allowed me to find this truth

Securing opinions is wrong journey. Securing laws is correct journey.

Years ago with a damaged and young immature brain I killed suicide with

" Kill the thought, don’t kill the body "

But, Securing opinions is wrong journey. Securing laws is correct journey – is best.


Sagar hows ur negative symptoms. … @anon93437440


zero, today morning I got negative thoughts and after I got this thought

all my negative thoughts became zero

this — Securing opinions is wrong journey. Securing laws is correct journey

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If it stimulates neurogenesis of anything then i can see the reason why there is interest in testing it.

Are there any other drugs out there that do this? I would like to follow/read about the clinical trials.

I once saw a utube informational that said drug makers sometimes have no clue about what a new drug will do when it is invented. It is as if they make a new drug, then test it on lab rats. That is how they find out what it is good for. (or might be good for).

How strange that it only affects that one brain organ!

I don’t think they know for certain that it stimulates helpful neurogenesis in people. It does in healthy mice, but what about mice with brain diseases, not just brain injury? And since it’s fully possible to measure the human hippocampus before and after a drug trial, the fact that I’ve seen no papers showing physical changes, I’m not encouraged. It is possible that those kind of changes may take more than 12 weeks though.

In the MDD trials it did not achieve a significant result. They will be trying it in stroke and Angelman syndrome.

Prozac and some other antidepressants also promote neurogenesis, metformin may as well.


thank you!

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