Never complain! No matter how difficult life is

never complain.
Learn to love your life regardless of your circumstances.
Regardless of how difficult your life is.
Because life is a precious gift, a gift you have to accept.


This is what I like to hear from you @Chess24 Erez man…

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Damn. That’s too born again hard for me. If you were an avatar bender you’d be an earth bender.

I might be a water bender. I let it all out. :sob:

At least we have something to enjoy in life, eat and drink.

I’m watching a hockey game tonight!! Makes up for being sick

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I am too! And I’m also sick. I just have to drag myself into clothing and walk down the block to the new Red Wings arena - formidable task :scream_cat:

Hope your game goes well and you feel better soon!

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Erez, this is a brilliant post! Very well said! Thank you for sharing this message, it needed to be said.

I’m gonna show my gramma this post as if she isn’t complaining she isn’t speaking. Well said. And as a side note I found the Chess24 website which is an excellent server. Thanks for the inspiration. :slight_smile:

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