I am worthless:((((

Cannot be happy of who I am :(((((

Hey, I know how this feels.

I am sometimes not happy with myself due to my muscular dystrophy. It’s not easy to feel happy at times when you know how your body is changing. But it’s life- and it is how it is.

If I doubt everything and hate myself for everything, then I cannot be truly happy. Please know that there are inherent values in you and you are loved.

I think you are worthy and valuable.

Please know that you are loved!


You are not worthless man. İ know how you feel. Just try to read some books instead of gaming.gaming addiction feels awful people. İ don t know you but i feel awful when i played lots of games. But reading both is cheap and you feels good. Now i want to learn german i downloaded it some dictionaries and practicising words. And i m reading interesting stuff. Take your advantage of to be alone this word. Best wishes. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::+1:

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Cheer up sport you’ll feel better when you wake up tomorrow.

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i cannot exercise its very hard … i dont have energy

i cannot read books… i dont like reading novels or watching movies

Maybe you should check your medication.

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i ahve enough medicastion. it will not do anything special, not make me pro player or other stuff

İf you are happy… That s good.

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i hate my job :((( its ■■■■

You have intrinsic value as a human being. You can never be worthless.


Well said 65654433344

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I’ve felt the same way often in my life. Be patient with yourself though. Let yourself be naturally. I go through a lot of crazyness with these thougths, because I’m not a chatterbox most of the time.


Do you like MTG or WoW, they have done plenty of novels of these…

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whats is mtg or wow ?

MTG is a card game and WoW a video game. Maybe you are interested in the novels if you like games and fantasy.

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i dont have potential to read a novel

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