So glad my pdoc appointment is a week on Monday. Feel really bad

Just feel awful. There is a van parked outside which I have never seen before. I memorised it’s livery then looked it all up online. This is not normal behaviour. This stress also was linked to some burning smells again

Thing is I do ■■■■ like this all the time. But what’s different is right now when I have these thoughts I feel desperate and helpless. I feel like I did when I was unmedicated.

Am a bit scared I am falling off a cliff here. Really don’t want to go inpatient


Here for you bro.

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Thanks buddy. You cook anything nice today?

Yes man. Hamburgers and fries with home. Made sauce. Was great, my mother like it to.


I’d try to settle down and distract yourself with something, either tv or the internet or something else.

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Just stay on the forum and it will be here before you know it. I wish you didn’t have to put up with the olfactory hallucinations, they sound like quite a pain in the backside.

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Thanks for the kind messages folks. Will just put my head down and keep out of trouble till the pdoc appointment

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It’s possible that your meds have just stopped working.

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Yeah that’s what I am worried about. Gonna have a frank and open discussion with my doc.

Am starting to think clozapine might be the way to go. Means two months in hospital but that shouldn’t be too bad

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Ok. Good luck with whatever decision you make.

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