So fed up with being ill how do you climb out

im just fed up with it I haven’t had a relaxed bath or pee for ages I ALWAYS feel like someone is watching me. I hear voices at night they say things like she does nothing. the worst part of it is im screaming out to change my life but have such an apathy like a black fog it says don’t bother trying the world is ■■■■ anyway and your going to die one day.
whatever normal is id like a piece of that people round here are straimng to think im a bit strange or is that my paranoia off I go again into my world of confusion oo grr

no one is watching you have a bath etc…that is just your sz.
if you get positive helpful voices listen to them, otherwise press the delete button.
i do not take meds and i feel tired all the time, but i still make myself do stuff…work etc…
know that some one cares and you are not alone doing the sz thing .
take care


thankyou so much sith I feel like my neighbours can see in even thou I have a black out blind up so silly ty that helped a lot I moved recently and my house is more looked in on. just feel so messed up today I went for a walk with my dog in the dark and I felt like a bear was chasing me I was that afraid not a fan or dark and rain.

hey, i understand thinking things are behind you and all that , but again it is just the paranoid sz thing.
when i was young i forced my self out in to the dark woodlands and forests, and i am still here .
i hope you have a better day ,and if you get afraid of some dark things or what ever plagues you , send them over to me . the dark things are afraid of me !
take care

ty darksith your such a nice person always on here you tc too!

you have power over the volume and distance and location of sound if you find it, i did, push, manipulate, extrapolate, reprogram, disconnect.

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I also been there and felt that, just try to find a little logic into this, I know that it might not really work but it can let you function and it helps…I tend to convince myself that god is the one watching me and it’s the truth…I always look for cameras but I never find them so I get a little relief, maybe you can do that too…after all these years I still think someone is watching lol but I got used to it, there is no one watching, as simple as that, then if there is really someone is watching then so be it, what’s the problem let it go… those are the thoughts that goes through my head :blush: I hope they help.

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So stop taking baths; take a shower

ignore the voices, write your thoughts down on paper and if you like when you write them down burn them or keep them, your choice. you won’t always feel that way. this is what i was taught when i was feeling down, and it worked for me

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thanks for all the replies yesterday I was struggling feeling a lot better today
just had cheese and crackers and a coke well it is xmas!

i remember the last time my sz got out of hand. i couldn’t take a crap because i constantly felt someone there….they would keep talking to me through the door and i couldn’t crap….i ended up having to take laxies. one thing i learned from that was this:

as terrifying (in my case they were comical) the voices may be, just remember a) NOT REAL and if you still feel uncomfy try to make them part of an extremely intimate family….one where farting and shitting is normal (which it is ANYWAY) and just get yourself used to showering with them there, or changing etc…you ARE a FAMILY…no embarrassment there!

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remembering some of the states I’ve been in I understand what ur going through. although funnily enough, taking a bath or dump with voices at me never bothered me. they tried though, oh god did they try but I just did it anyway. u have to remember that they r not real. they r a product of ur own mind. no one is going to come bursting in on you, maybe ur meds need adjusting? although I know that doesn’t always help. most of my psychoses just wore off with experience tbh. they used to threaten to kill me every day and I was terrified but after a while im thinking so if not today then when? tomorrow? next week? next month? as my mum said to me if u believe its going to happen then so b it but until that day arrives, live ur life. and fight for ur equilibrium. so take that bath and relax as no one is going to hurt u. xxx

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I know where it comes from I lived in a rented bedsitr when I was a lot younger AND CAUGHT OUT A PEEPING TOM WHO DRILLED A HOLE IN THE BATHROOM WALL. WHAT A PEICE OF ■■■■ .oops sorry for caps

you’re not alone. The world can be very beautiful and also hideous, all in one day. Just take the chance and get out there. You have to find the good in it. I have recently began to branch out to new people and it’s been great, before I just thought everyone was against me and I didn’t think they were worth my attention. But it’s not perfect, for every positive experience I have had, I have had a negative one. Apathy is the easy way out, but you will find some sort of reward for defeating your apathy- a new friendship, a new hobby or interest, something and/or someone is out there waiting for you.

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I start off frienships well but mylast one I became suspicious my last friend always wanted something from me I gave her things aswell so its not her fasult one time she asked me for something and I ignrored it and I haven’t heard from her sinse.

Im not sure I understand

she just wanted things from you? thats a ■■■■■■ up friendship

yeah its funny cause I did a classic me I made a b line in group for the type of person I would have hung out with if I was still an alcoholic insead of more stable peoples.