So Exhausted


My fatigue was so bad yesterday. I slept the night before for 12 hours and woke up at 10am, took an hour nap around 1pm, crawled back into bed at 5pm, and then went back to sleep at 7pm. I was so tired that my head hurt from trying to stay awake.



I get my shot on Friday, so will be sleeping the whole weekend, sorry you feel so bad



I’m exhausted too. I don’t know why. I’ve been taking seroquel for around 2 months and it didn’t make me tired. Now, for the past few days, I have little energy. I feel run down.



I’ll survive. I’m sorry, friend, that you’ll be so exhausted this coming weekend.

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That’s strange. I hope you figure out what is causing your sudden fatigue. I’m not so sure what is causing mine.

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Did you manage to make it to work?



Surprisingly yes. I’m trying not to fall asleep, lol.

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Hey, I know the feeling! I think I subluxed my right arm and my knees were hypetextending the whole day, causing me so much fatigue. Do you take vitamins for it? My doctor started prescribing one since I started seeing him.



I take a multivitamin and vitamin C. What did your doctor prescribe?



I hope you figure out what’s causing yours too. Exhaustion sucks.

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I’m taking Vitamin D and Vitamin C. I might ask him to increase the dose since I’m so tired all the time. I hope you feel better!

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