So excited for my volunteer job tomorrow

Idk I’ve been volunteering there for EIGHT months. As many as eleven hours a week although I’ve cut it down a little lately. The ladies there are so nice. When i was younger I just wanted to get laid…like the dire straits song “Get your chicks for free”…Now I don’t mind just socializing with girls. And it’s a great job, I get to care for animals. It’s a lot of responsibility but I haven’t messed up too bad at all…not really once. I do it well but doubt it’ll ever be a paid job…the paid positions here are a ton of responsibility, not sure I can handle. Although I’ve been told I’m a hard worker and that I was “The coolest guy ever” by one of the girls that work there. I’m thinking of applying for a job at this place called Garden Catering (chicken place) because I really like the girls there who work there too ha. I don’t mind not getting laid but I like to socialize with girls…and they like me too it seems. One day maybe I’ll have a sexual relationship, but that will be in due time. Patience is a virtue. And I’m more than patient when it comes to that.


Sounds like you’ve found a proper way to spend your time.

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That’s cool that you like this volunteer job and that the people there like you. It’s not always that way at volunteer jobs. Yeah, it’s a good step towards holding down a paid job in the future and you can put it on your resume or on a job application and it will look good. 8 months is an impressive length of time.

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Thanks. I’d never thought I’d work there this long. When I first started working they asked me “How long are you gonna be here?” They almost didn’t want to “hire” me because they didn’t want to have to train me so I could just quit right away. I answered her question “An indefinite amount of time”. I’ve definitely made a lot of progress there. Doubt they’d ever thought I’d still be volunteering with them. Unfortunately with school starting soon I’m going to have to cut it down to 1 day a week…but I just love it. The eagles are awesome…but my favorite is the Vultures…and then the owls…and the hawks and the falcon and the raven and the crow. I love the birds. Everyone loves the eagles because they’re so majestic but I find the Raven equally as beautiful. And the vultures are just so damn cool. And then you go inside you get snakes, turtles, rabbits, guinea pigs, smaller birds, spiders, a chinchilla, a hedgehog, even a squirrel and some roaches. My favorite job is weighing out dead bird food…I take a scale and put mice and rats and quail and other dead animals on the scale and weigh them out for the next day. Idk why I find it fun but I do.


Lol. Neat job…

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Awww hedgehogs are the cutest :heart:️ Good luck!

I’ve been working at local charity shop two mornings a week for 1 year and 2 months
The staff are great there
I have worked briefly at couple of shops in the past that weren’t so good but now I found the right place

Sounds like the kind of thing a lot of people would like to be able to do! I wish I could do stuff like that. Well done!

Ah man. Don’t remind me of volunteering. I abruptly quit my volunteer job at the library due to extreme paranoia/conspiracy theories. I thought the CIA/FBI/Black Ops were after me. I feel disgraceful. I feel ashamed. Will never go back to that place. It’s a shame too because I was good at it and it could have led to a paid position eventually.

I’m glad you’re doing good. I’m glad you like the women there.