The place I wanna volunteer at

I go to the bird museum to hike all the time. It’s my go to spot. I go every day in the summertime.

Well I lost my phone there the other day. I haven’t contacted them in a while about volunteering because I am not medically cleared till January 1st. Well when I talked to the lady she’s like 35 years old maybe and man she is beautiful but she was being so friendly to me. Well she has like two kids I know because I saw her at the grocery store with them once. She may be married.

But then I think if I try to volunteer there they will think I’m trying to woo her or something. This is where my mind goes. “I’m not allowed here anymore because she was nice to me”. Lol crazy I know.

I don’t even know what volunteers do here. I’m hoping I get to go into the woods and work on the trails or something but it might be more than that too. I don’t get to care for animals they said since I’m over 18.

Maybe I’m being crazy because I think she was being nice to me because she felt comfortable with me that I’m not some creep guy and she wanted me to be comfortable there…but I’m just being psycho. But my mind always goes here it’s better when I know nothing about a place before I go.

I am attracted to this woman but I’m not gonna be a creep but my mind automatically goes to “she probably thinks I’m a creep if I do this”. So usually I back out of these situations. Avoidant personality disorder was one of my diagnoses.


If you were a creep she would have not been so nice


@anon92220549 is correct :+1:

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This is where my mind always goes though. And then I end up avoiding and isolating. I hope I go through with this for once.


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