Snowed In Silence


I love the snow but I love isolation. Is it bad that I feel nothing wrong with being alone? Do you guys feel that way or long for company? Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to be the only person on this earth. I just like to sit here and watch the snow fall. The silence can be bothersome if the voices are bad though.


I would love the silence and the snow.


I like the early morning hours when it is quiet, especially if I have slept well, nice to have a cup of coffee and browse the net, when there is no traffic. And the snow, as long as it does not snow every day.


I found out I like to be alone a few months ago. When I used to hang out with a friend and felt uncomfortable…

I like to be alone yes, to much people are stressing me. I also like to socialise from distance in what I find intresring like talking with my pdoc, therapist and you guys… that’s why I am on the forum.


I like being alone. The only people I see on a regular basis are my parents and they give me my space. I don’t go out all that much and when I do it’s usually just to an appointment or picking up a prescription. That’s about it for me.


Same exact thing for me


I like being alone but it always comes back and bites me on the rear.
I have a high tolerance for it. But I like going where there is love. Its less stressful. I do my job and its fulfilling and I learn. But a little goes a long way.


Its still good if your longing for something. Whatever it may be. I long for moments of beauty. They are rare but they happen. Its said when you no longer are affected by being around people or being alone meaning it doesnt matter anymore. Is the day your person has left you.


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