Again has one week passed ... feeling relaxed

I woke up today quite early at 4:30 AM, but I started sleeping early yesterday. I was very tired in the last evening. Any way I am having coffee, took my meds and listening music ‘Brothers in arms’, it is still dark where I am, I was thinking of riding my bicycle already early in this morning when it gets lighter and the Sun starts shining.

Somehow I feel very relaxed, balanced in harmony, I live alone and there is nobody else around, which is quite nice, just me, music, coffee and darkness outside.


Love being alone. It’s like my soul squishes itself into a cramped little ball if I’m around people too much. When I’m alone it in an empty house it sort of stretches itself back out and can breathe. It makes me giddy sometimes

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Was thinking another summer has passed and I have not ventured out, starting to get dark early and much cooler. I like being alone but 99% of the time for years is more in the torture category, givien with what my mind does on it own, the alone thing can push you over the edge after 30 years of it.

Well yeah I go out. It’s a fine line between Solitude (positive) & Isolation (negative)