Snow and no class

Wut the ####. Its snowing and icy in Memphis today…Naturally, everyone thinks its the apocalypse and school is cancelled. I worked out yesterday and am too sore, and I already did my homework.

What do you do when you’re snowed in? Or is being snowed in only a thing in the south where snow is a big deal? I mean srsly I dont know what to do with myself, this is like a joke!

i live where there is a lot of snow. Honestly i can’t understand how an inch of snow shuts down a state?? funny!


It has been -17 where I live for three months. :full_moon_with_face:

School was canceled for me too today. I was very glad about that as it gives me an extra week to prepare for the mock job interview that I have to do in my Business and Professional Speech class. Also, my professor for Intro to Ethics cut one of our essays, and just gave us full points for it. Woohoo. The snow turned out not to be as bad as predicted, which was good. We were supposed to get 3-8" of snow, but only got about an inch. The roads are fine now. What I am doing with my extra time is working on school work, mostly.

We had some snow days here (in Louisiana), so they took away our Mardi Gras holiday. :frowning:

two inches of snow will shut down Seattle. We’re the Rain City. Snow is a very passionate issue.

People get really wigged about snow here.