The weather is perfect

We just had a snow all the way down here in Georgia. It has surprisingly got much warmer. Feels like 65 with a soft breeze. Perfect night to just sit out under the stars.


I agree. I should have gone for a bike ride or a walk in the woods.

Here in California we are having the driest winter ever recorded in our state. It just won’t rain. Since the beginning of December it has rained at the most 6 days. It rained just twice in January. We are preparing for a drought.

here in the uk it hasn’t stopped raining for like two months. lots of floods and where i live the forest is like a swamp! a lot of roads closed due to the floods too. makes for muddy dogs after their walks, that’s for sure.

Up here in Seattle, we’re having light rain, medium temps. It’s pretty much par for the course up here.

It snowed this morning, but it’s pretty. It was warmer yesterday and it rained. That was a nice refresher after such a cold week.

Here in Florida the temp was 85 degrees. A little to hot for me.

-15. :snowflake: :snowman:

Here in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania suburbs it’s been cold and snowy. They had to cancel classes today at my school. It was like 5"-6" of snow.

Caroline, that’s so cool you’re in the Philly suburbs. I grew up in Northeast Philly and used to hang out at the Neshaminy Mall. Where are you exactly? Now I’m in Cape May, NJ. The snow missed us we got rain instead.

I’m about 15 miles west of Philadelphia on the Main Line.