Snide digs

A certain poster insists on making snide digs. Unfortunately there seems to be no way of blocking his/her posts, and i am feeling stressed/intimidated by his/her behaviour.
In light of this i have decided to stop posting.
I am grateful for the kindness most have shown me but it is time to leave.

Flag his grumpy posts.

Don’t let it get to you. You’ve had bigger confrontations on this site before and have made it through.

I flag them. I’m sorry you’re being antagonized like that. Hang in there bud! It’ll get better.

Many blessings,


To counteract this type of thing, I’d recommend making some friends here as a stronger reason to stay. Fight fire with a blanket and water.

You are right. Posts have been flagged.

I am glad you are staying :slight_smile:

Stay strong hunni. Don’t leave bcoz of some cretin with an inferiority complex…I kinda like having u around :slight_smile:


You have contributed so much with your knowledge and insight and all the amazing articles you find. I would really miss your input.

If someone just won’t let up no matter how politely you try and end conversation I’d say flag and flag often. Hope to see you still on the forum.

You are an important part of this forum, I wouldn’t pay attention to background noise - Flag often

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Sorry firemonkey i’m sorry, I did only make about 2 posts being a bit funny. I just couldn’t help myself when you said that you like being on your own and doing disgusting and abnormal things when your medication isn’t working to its full effect from you only taking meds 50% of the time in previous years. You said:

“Prior to the depot i had a regular disgusting urge which i impulsively did (too ashamed to go into details) It was done in private and didn’t involve anyone else but was definitely abnormal.”

Sorry I reacted thinking the worst and taking the mick abit but you got to admit it sounds bad. Even you used words such as disgusting and abnormal. Again very sorry I don’t want to get kicked off the forum. Whatever you have gotten up to in your own personal time and space is your business. I over stepped the mark. Sorry to SzAdmin too.

It was your digs about my illness and benefits that i found hurtful. I am not saying i am as bad as most here but i do have chronic and enduring problems.
That is not negated by not having been hospitalised for 30 years. Nowadays going into hospital is largely reserved for those who are a danger to others or themselves.
However difficulties with functioning are not confined to being a danger to others or yourself. Those with acute presentations tend to be at risk for hospitalisation but those who are chronically ill have long standing areas of difficulty re functioning and also need and deserve support. I am classified as having limited ability to live independently in the community
My long standing problems are primarily,but not exclusively, interpersonal/social.
It is hard to know whether the paranoia triggers social anxiety or the the paranoia is a product of the social anxiety. Both tend to feed off each other.