Have you noticed how I post too much?

When I first became ill, I did the same , sent a bunch of letters continuously for 3 months straight to one person. I had no sense of control I revealed EVERYTHING about myself. The only time I didn’t write was when I was asleep or at work. I felt so exposed and in turn this led to my depression but hey that didn’t stop me from carrying on. Did that person block me from fb? No actually he decided to tell everyone at work and had a great laugh. But thinking about it I don’t blame anyoen for it. i would have done the same. The most embarrasing moments of my life.

first off, I doubt that guy did that? do you still talk to this person…? did you ask him if he told anybody? I hope that didn’t happen to you…that would be cruel of that person…

second off, no you don’t post enough…nobody here does…I wish I could more but I am in the works of visiting a lot with friends and family…I hope your paranoia gets better, ish…keep taking those meds !! I’m on “your side”.


He didn’t block my account at all. He didn’t stop me from posting all this. And initally I thought everyone was laughing WITH me and then discovered no they weren’t laughing at my jokes they were laughing at me. And to be honest why wouldn’t they. I was behaving so bizarrely. No one knew what was going on i probably scared a few people. No I don’t talk to him I left that job ages ago.

I believe your paranoia tricked you ish…no one would laugh at you…it was really just your posts that they were laughing at…people laugh at stuff I say all the time when I’m being serious…it is light hearted and not mean on facebook…it’s easy to misunderstand…please know I don’t believe you were being laughed at…I sure hope not…that would be awful…just try and forget the past even if it did happen…all we have is today…

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I don’t really read the bible, but “there’s a time to laugh, and a time to cry”. There’s a balance in everything, but… I don’t think anyone’s laughing at you here.

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@anon80629714-- I don’t think you post too much. I barely see you these days. I’ve been hoping you feel better and that talking to your Doc and getting back on meds has worked out for you.


I kept sending messages to my overseas friend continuously, over and over, more and more, and he said “Look Sam, I’m busy with work, I can’t respond to your messages”. Made me sad really. I sent him some “touchy” stuff and he responded with that?! What a let down. I’m thinking of giving him the silent treatment.

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Yeah I’m not exactly paranoid. Haven’t been in 4 years. I however had issues when I cameoffmeds so obviously I’m back on them. I’m pretty sure they did not take anything I said seriously though. Otherwise they would have complained to my manager after a few weeks not months. And I’m also sure he told his friends wouldn’t u if someone was harassing you.

I don’t think you post too much. You’re posts are interesting and add value to the forum. Keep them coming. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you post too much. You should feel comfortable posting here when you need to.

I thought I posted too much on one of my other forums but when I stopped for a few months people were all like “Where’d he go?” “I thought he’d always be here!” “I hope he’s all right” So I went back to posting there.

Anyway, in the short time I’ve been here I haven’t noticed you posting too much.