Smoking pot and Colorado

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body is too similar to what I posted I guess.

THey say the body is too similar but I’m a gangsta killah, snoop dogg ■■■■■■■ on the regulah.




Waz up with all da ghetto yo?

I quit weed years ago but still like this song, and Bob Marley in general…

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Yeah, i don’t smoke.

One time i had some and there were sociopathic and powerful beings in the sky staring at me. I began to quake in my bones, the evils that they meant to do began to make me shiver in my bones, deep down you know.

Was it real? You be the judge. Me, i don’t need to ask anymore, we’re not alone.

You never want to get caught by these pieces of ■■■■ while you are stoned i can say, they’ll make you begin to kind of gasp you could say, their power is immense, think your bad, you haven’t met them then.

I don’t think ill smoke anymore.

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pans your post makes no sense

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I had some pot once right.

After it came on in my mind there were really hideous beings in the sky looking right at me. My bones began to shiver from it because it was so threatening and evil.

Your mind can be ■■■■■■ with while you are high is all that im saying really. It can be ■■■■■■ with in very bad ways when you are high, happens all of the time actually, look in the news about it, look for the signs that people’s minds are being screwed with.

Thats all i was saying though. I took a couple of hits and in my mind there were very harmful beings in the sky staring me down and showing me their evils, i began to quake and shiver deep down.

Schizophrenic + pot = very bad


It made total sense to me, even before he explained it more clearly.

I’ve experienced such beings without even being high. While it is possible to hallucinate such things there are also very real principalities - demon rulers: Satan being the prince of the power of the air…and they do occasionally manifest themselves in our sky. Even some of the UFO sightings are this, not alien craft…

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I have never smoked any pot in my life although this might have been readily available in places such as Montego Bay in Jamaica, but I did not, but in 1989 I used BITNET and IRC-groups in the upper-Michigan and we talked about legalizing marijuana in America, well you are doing it now, but I still would not have any pot. :smile:

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Where I live people smoke pot like cigarettes lol

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I have only gave up on marijuana for about a week and I have a new year’s resolution to give up weed for 2015. I will miss it but it breaks my bank.

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same here jukebox…haven’t smoked for a couple of days…and truthfully, I’m sort of having a hard time.

SO, everyone on here can know that I’m on the road to quitting too.

Pretty much I thought John Denver’s song was ironic…(get it rocky mountain high?)?

ANYHOW, my eyes are still healing up and I’ve been playing guitar and organ today trying to touch up a song before a fellow musician comes to collaborate with me. I hope you guys are doing well!

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