Smokeless tobacco products flying under the radar of regulation in many countries

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I use smokeless tobacco and I’m trying to quit. I have started tobacco cessation program at the VA. It’s been hard to quit.

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In San Francisco they banned or are trying to ban e-cigarettes.

In some jurisdictions they’re only allowed to sell menthol and tobacco flavored juul pods (juuls are a little vape, they’re popular, unfortunately, among youth) I like mango and fruit medley pods, I buy right from the website.

Same here.
Very difficult addiction to break.
I’ve tried patches, gum, vaping, cold turkey.
Always come back to the pouches.
Hoping to try Chantix at some point.


Please let me know how it works. The gum didn’t work for me it made think more about having a dip. I’m going to try the patches as soon as I get them in

Will do.
Good luck with the patches.
Just don’t sleep with one on, you’ll have horrible dreams.

Have you ever tried real mint snuff. They sell it online. No nicotine or tobacco. Might help with the oral fixation part.

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Yeah I tired the mint snuff didn’t work well for me.

Me either…
I found some mint pouches that I was going to try with Chantix.
But maybe getting rid of the oral fixation is the hardest part…

I occasionally like dipping but I I need to quit that. I’m worried I won’t have any teeth left by the time I’m 40.

They have coffee flavored pouches that I like that helps with the oral fixation part. The flavor doesn’t last long but it is good.

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Those don’t look too bad.
Wish they had nicotine pouches without tobacco.

Your definitely right about your teeth.
There are some nasty pictures on

Damn, did a search for nicotine pouches without tobacco and found several sites selling it.
Wish I looked at them years ago…

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Have you tried that dissolvable nicotine pill. My local shop used to carry it. I don’t remember the gosh darn name of it though. Anyways, tasted awful.

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Not yet, but I’ve seen it on TV.

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I’m trying to quit with patches. Needed to quit, because of finances. My close friend bought me enough patches to last a month. My friends sure are helping during this hard time. I have a difficult time accepting money, so friends get what I need.

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I want to quit due to the money as well. $8 a week doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up quick.

Good luck with the patches. It’s nice to have a good support system. Sounds like you have one.

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ive chewed everyday since i was 18 and started when i was 15. right now i buy one tub of dip per week which is about 12 cans a week but i usually dip about 2 cans a day. a couple times i have went a week or so without dipping after getting the nicotine lozenges 4mg to suck on

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