Slurred speech and schizophrenia?

Is there any relation to slurred speech (or talking like ur drunk or stoned) and schizophrenia/schizoa?

some people who are more powerful meds get it sometimes, but then, with those kinds of meds they are pretty much stoned.

Also i have been told that people with SZ that is more severe may notice sluring of the speech as they get older from the brain damage…


not that i know of, i would not consider Zyprexa to be a really heavy med, i was on it for awhile, though the only thing it did for me was make me grow boobs

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Me and my Dad have trouble speaking. He does not have SZ but I do and I forget a lot of words I’m about to say and I think social media has taken me out of the habit of thinking before I speak so things are hard to adjust to.


Zyprexa does that to me yeah.

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word salad… is what its called.

I’d try to get some sleep… and slow it down. Take your time. Try to forget the anxiety if you have any.

When I was on too much medication I slurred and when I took it down again the slurring stopped

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Yeah the big sedators like seroquel can make you slur your words. Does for me anyway.

No its not like word salads. Its just i talk like im drunk and stoned. Or sound like it. Its probably the zyprexa

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Only when I drink too much.

It is called ‘spastic’. The psychologists treat lisps and dyslexia too now.

Talk a bit slower, be quiet and do not take a job speaking if things get bad. If you take life/death job talking, may be left alone. Govt jobs sometimes stop psychosis symptoms as long as you do not follow orders (from voices)…Need a job where you could not be forced into messing up customers and may find nice relief. Friend got job at police department with detectives and looks up pawn shop tickets to match with stolen property…No more problems for her. Her partner had case of psychosis once, and they could never get the weirdos to leave them alone til she got the police job. Partner didn’t hear the voices much either.

Yeah I have that - probably some brain damage in that department. I sort of mumble my speech. But I say intelligent things to make up for how I sound. I also have trouble putting things into words from meds.and Problems talking because of memory loss…for instance - what happened just a second ago . I recently added one that makes that worse… I’m determined to cut back on that one. I can’t spell long words because I can’t remember the portion I’ve already spelled.

I’ve been on Zyprexa ever since it came out - 30 something years. Wouldn’t go back + change it.

Not to mention Diabetes…)

So there - I’ve been dramatic for today.

I get that but mostly word salad stuff. I start to talk and according to friends, just start to murmur nonsense to them. Sometimes I’ve been told it is like another language. It is embarrassing. It has stopped more as I’ve done therapy and meds.

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