Muddled speech

I noticed recenty that I have speech problems. I can’t seem to speak in sentences because my speech is so muddled it comes out weird. What is this? Is it the medication or a symptom of paranoid schiz.

Hi ish, what do you mean exactly by muddled?

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I have a healthy dose of disorganized Sz and due to my racing thoughts I will slip into some clang association and word salad… so it’s a muddle of non-sense jumping and racing to get out. Sort of residual hyper activity. For me it IS the SZ.

My meds slow my head down enough to think. So I can get the words out and make a sentence. But that is just how my circus plays. I have said from day one on the old forum… I write so much better then I can talk. It does bother me, I’m seriously looking into a speech class or a Toastmasters club or something that will teach me how to talk better. Sort of a speech therapy idea is what I’m looking for.

It might be different for you. It is hard to say if it is a symptom or a side effect. That will take someone how knows more then I.


I seem to have some slight speech problems as well. I especially cannot pronounce the word “seven.” There are some other words that I have difficulty with too, but I cannot think of them right now. I, personally, think it’s the medication, but I don’t know for sure.

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I find it hard to explain, it’s the struggle to find words to finish a sentence. I was born in the UK I understand English very well but it often sounds like i’M from somewhere foreign because it sounds like i can’t speak it properly. i find it very embarrassing sometimes.

I get slurred speech once in a while. Its due to the meds

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It could be the meds or the illness, if you are on a low dose, its probably the illness

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Thanks yes it could be the illness but i was not aware slurred speech was part of the illness. i thought disorganised speech and slurred speech were too different things.

Let me get it straight - if you have only slurred speech its the meds

It is… slurred speech is just slurring and running the words together. That could very easily be meds.

Disorganized is what I do when I jump topic three times in one sentence and just end up stringing words together in a way that is perfectly normal to me and random weirdness to someone else.

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thanks i need to have a word with my doc about this because it is really annoying. People keep asking me to repeat myself…

Disorganised speech is most likely due to the illness, slurring your speech is probably the meds - Yes I got it :smiley:

What I wouldn’t give to have the wheel in my head slow down enough that I could speak in normal sentences more often then not.

The Seroquel helps, but the kicker is… enough Seroquel to slow my mind… slows my body to a near halt.

Less Seroquel and I can get up and move… but the wheel in my head starts to spin faster.

The Latuda keeps me lucid enough to concentrate on mentally slowing the wheel and not medicate the wheel into a halt.

It takes a lot to keep that hamster on the wheel happy. :hamster:

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I don’t have thought disorder(not as far as i know) there are times though when i think i have explained myself clearly and yet it doesn’t come across that way to the other person.

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Everyone I come in contact with seems to think I sound Chinese. Never been to China or have Chinese relatives. :panda_face:

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Do you mean like you just often stop because you can’t find the right word?

Also how are you guys making these cute animal faces?

Yeah, that pretty much describes it @onceapoet I asked my colleague and she said i do sometimes stutter but she hasn’t noticed my speech as slurred.

I was once diagnose with a speech impairment too that I didn’t have when younger, but I’m not sure why.

for the panda face type : panda_face as one word.

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Hmmmm… Has anyone said anything? I find it upsets me more than others. I lost the words I was using for constructive advice in class. I gave myself thirty seconds before I moved on. I came back to it later though, when I remembered it. I like to ask the other person to guess what word I want. Not in a playful way but in a “oh what is that word” way. It helps you think while keeping them engaged.
Also, and this depends on how important what you are saying is more nonperishable (like a good joke, advice, or your opinion of someone) come back and tell them when you remember. However it is more perishable (an interesting non vital fact {like did you know Jupiter has x number of moons?}, a debate you were having on a touchy subject that came up but people don’t like to talk about, or if what you were going to say was just a plain old bad idea) don’t share it when you remember.
However (and this is tricky) be aware of the importance of your words. Not like self important, but like you know that what you are saying is worthy of other people’s notice. If you don’t sound confident people tend to discount your words.

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