Slow recovery, but finally

I now take Invega mainly, and though I’ve had weight increase, my mind and body seems to be working fine, at least much better than before. I quit my job two years ago, and I’ve had regrets about that, but now, I’m like “hell, what.” I work at a bar once a week, and I’m making and performing music sometimes. I’m not wanting to be a rock star, but doing something creative was and is my dream. I try to take a 30 minute walk every day, which keeps me healthy. I quit doing more than I can. Don’t try too hard, that’s my motto. I live with my parents, and I receive pension, so I wouldn’t have to worry too much about money. My mental went downwards during COVID, but I feel a whole lot better. My recent favorite is the new album by Wilco.


I’m also on Invega and on disability. I also walk/bike daily.

I liked Tokyo when I was there.

Welcome back @KennyFromTokyo Im glad you’re doing well

Made me remember this green room rehearsal:

Mavis Staples has a little fun at the end :sweat_smile:.

Glad you’re doing well and welcome back :+1:.

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