Invega recovery and life update

Some of you may remember be but a recap would be that when I was on invega for 7 and a half months I was very suicidal and had no will to live. I’ve been off invega trinza for nearly 10 months and I’m not back to normal I would say but I’m SO much better. I play music most of the day and am planning on starting my own teaching business for playing guitar. I now have a girlfriend who I don’t “love” in the traditional sense because I think there’s an actual emotion that’s linked to that feeling but I do love her minus the intense feeling of emotion associated with loving someone. We dance, we go to the beach, we play music together, we rap, we have a sexual relationship ( I was not able to do any of these things before). I’m still tired a lot but caffeine cures it pretty well. My mind is also sedated but feels a lot more clear and there’s not this feeling of impending doom that I used to deal with. I’m on 200 mg of abilify and am going to lower it somewhat soon cause I do believe that everyone should try to get on the lowest dose of medication they possibly can without having symptoms. I used to think I would be able to sacrifice my sanity for being on a low dose of medication but idk if I could do that anymore because I’m happy with being a little numb and having no symptoms. Anyways I hope everyone is doing okay.

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Glad you’re doing well @folkusthesecond.

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