Sleeping Tips Needed

My insomnia was never as bad in the past, so I feel stupid for even complaining now haha. I only got 5-6 hours of sleep last night (I am in highschool, I need 9 hours), and lately I haven’t been able to sleep.

I fall asleep at 7-8, but now it’s 9-10, and I will wake up at 1 or 2 and stay up until 3. Today I woke up at 1 and was awake until 4.

Also, how ironic is it when you can’t’ sleep all night, but when you finally do, you have to wake up for school.

To be honest, I don’t complain much when it comes to insomnia, because I don’t feel tired. My eyes and body do, I feel a bit strained, but I’m okay. I think the only physical giveaway would be my baggy eyes, which isn’t even that bad.

I sleep on the couch and watch t.v., which is horrible, I know. But it’s such a strong habit for me, I don’t know how to break it. In the past/recently I would refuse to sleep in my bedroom because I thought there was a ghost there and I would hallucinate things. It just gave me bad vibes. Now I use my new bedroom if I’m not feeling scared, but my cat will have to be with me or I will panic.

I just can’t sleep.

May be zolpidem tablets can help you. But please take the advice of doctor before using them.