Sleeping difficulties

I like when it is warm, but it makes my sleeping difficult. I have not been able to sleep well in many days which is not good. I feel tired during days.


Hello my friend. I had difficulty as well.

Some sleep aids disabled my fight back against the voices, and thus made it ten times worse. But SleepMD saved the day.

I found melatonin useless for sleep but some people find it helpful for sleep, but it does lower body temperature. Maybe give it a try, it could lower your body temperature and help you sleep. The body sleeps better when it is cooler.

You’re not alone my friend.

I’ve been fatigued.

I think it is down to stress that can exhaust one very well indeed

I’ve been drinking coffee too late in the day so I have been lying in bed for a while after going to bed. I’m going to try to start drinking one cup of coffee in the mornings only from now on.

I was able to sleep six hours or less. I woke up at 3:00 am and I had a terrible headache. I went to see the sunrise, but the sun was behind clouds. Now it is over +30 C outside and inside I have +32 C (89.6 F). Although I like when it is warm, it could be cooler. On Thursday it may rise close to 34 C (93.2 F). So it is hot. Some people say it is because of the climate change.

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