Skill less

i have no skills

how do i get a job?

an engineer by qualification and computer programmer by professional experience but still at this point in time both these skills i am not good at so they r of no use and so haven’t found a job in either of them.
and i can’t get a job in them bcoz of my sz i have poor grasping skills.

bcoz of joblessness i am not getting married.

what should i do?


I wonder the same thing since I have no skills either. I need a job so I can move out of my dad’s but I’m not good at anything and I don’t have any references.

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You got 10x more skills than me. Maybe do a training or bootcamp or courses or something.

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The way to get skills is to find one thing and go hard and deep at it. There are all kinds of software projects that need support, could you work on one of those to gain experience and reputation?

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what neuroinflammation issue r u talking about.

i have sz so what should i fix?

plz describe

I’m going to have to make a massive thread about it. Give me time, I’ll put together the info.

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squirrel i am in india so i dont know if these jobs exist in india too?

ok thx


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i am in india


so u and me are sailing in the same boat

When I had no experience, I listed my friend as a professional reference for a made up job and had her give me a glowing recommendation as my “boss.” I suppose you could do the same thing yourself with a google voice number. Most lower level jobs don’t go in depth with searching for references, and this can get your foot in the door.

This technique does NOT work for higher paying jobs, or jobs that require years of experience. This is ONLY for getting your foot in the door after a stretch of unemployment.


Hi, @steffifan, good evening. How are you. You live in Mumbai. There are more options of jobs in Mumbai than all over India. So try according to your skills. Education is other matter and it is difficult to find jobs according to education in India. Hope fully go for arrenged marriage. I am also arrenged married and happy to complete 23+ years.
Get well soon.

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hi aku thanx for ur reply.

as i said i have no skills so thats the main issue.

just being in bombay doesnt help u need to clear the technical and hr interview to grab a job.

i wanna go for arranged marriage but joblessness doesnt help

btw how r u

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Jobs market in India is not good at all. Here we can’t find satisfactory jobs because of higher unemployment. Low income job starts from USD 100 to 200 per month with no skill. So it is difficult to live good here in India. My monthly salary is equal to yours disability amount per month (if compared).

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I don’t get disability. But if you don’t start with a low paying job, you’ll never get enough experience to get a higher paying job. I started at a gas station.


I am fine, thanks. If you have no skill than take a short term courses. In software or 3d or inimation or typing or internet etc according to your ability. Than go for jobs. Jobs or self employment or enterpruanship may help. .

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yes ok

i will look into it.

hopefully something clicks

but how to be self employed?

Self employment means any business that starts from low amount of money like 50000 to 200000 Rs. according to your skills.

aku i get that

but start self employment in what skill bcoz i dont have any

I’ve worked at mostly entry level, unskilled jobs all my life. Most of my jobs didn’t require experience (though it helped).

Can’t you find simple labor jobs in your country? I mean you have restaurants there, right? Can’t you try getting a cooking or dishwashing job? How about trying stocking shelves in a department store? I’m 59 and currently work as a janitor.

When I was a teenager right out of high school, my goal was not to be 59 years old and be mopping floors and emptying wastebaskets. But things change; I got schizophrenia at age 19 and had to deal with it. I feel lucky I can work anywhere. My job ain’t high status but it pays the bills and helps keep a roof over my head and food on the table and pays for gas for my car.

Even before I became schizophrenic and I was 17 years old, I didn’t turn my nose up at most jobs. I applied at a fast food restaurant which most people I know sneered at at and looked down on. It’s kind of ironic now because now some fast food restaurants can pay pretty good.

I mean if you’re willing to get a little dirty and put out effort and do some physical work then maybe go around putting applications at restaurants, or retail stores or warehouses.

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