Gotta get going

I am here in India

I am battling sz for the last 30 years.

I am 47 now.

I am an engineer.

Till now i have held 3 jobs as a computer programmer.

Right now i am jobless and bcoz of that i am not getting married also.

I think i gotta get going and secure myself a job and get married to a girl which God has reserved for me.

I believe marriages are made in heaven so there should be a girl for me too.

Well at this age she can’t be called a girl, she is a woman.

I have to try for a low end job bcoz i have failed getting a high end job inspite of trying hard.

But there’s a problem there too.

In a low end job my high qualifications and my high end job experience will come in the way for being eligible for a low end job.

Besides what kind of low end job should i seek about which i have no idea.

In India there are not too many job options.

But nevertheless i gotta get going.

Life is testing me.


Cant you do an computer job from home like support tech, web design, advertising, etc?

if given the job maybe i can.

i m out of touch for a long time.

but securing that kind of work with a huge gap in the resume is difficult besides i fail the qualifying technical interviews


Yea for me too if I tried to work again.

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