Six months pregnant

Today I checked myself in the mirror and guess what: I look like I am 6 months pregnant.
I have a belly now from drinking a lot and vacationing…

Soon I will start work so full time keeping busy will help me lose weight.
I will also walk to work for 45 minutes everyday and back so I hope by christmas I will be okay again.


Is there any chance you could actually be pregnant?

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i can’t wait for Santa !!!

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nah I am not pregnant. I practice safe sex.

Let’s talk about christmas!


okay I love Christmas because I’m always super broke but people actually help me then like they actually love me or something CRAZY

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You kind of scared me with the title of this thread. Glad you don’t have a suprise baby. Food babies are much easier to deal with.


if your drinking a lot it’s worth getting a liver function test.

My son’s classmates asked me if I was pregnant when they were 7 years old. Kids are so upfront. I said no, I’m fat.

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im going to be playing mrs santa claus this christmas its soooo awesome i just love christmas

when i was younger we had a pantry and i would mkew a christmas cake in october and feed it every week with brandy up until about a week before christmas, the smell was awesome because of the fruit and the spices.

looking forward to christmas its gonna be proper nice.

all the lights n beries n gingerbread xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Don’t feel bad. I’m a guy, and I look like I am eight months pregnant.

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Lost like 50kg since November. All a case of eat less move more. Med munchies are hard to beat but a case of not over eating and not stuffing yourself. I see it as getting use to feeling a little bit empty but not hungry. All a case of food is fuel not entertainment. I still pig out a bit on junk food. I find if you try to cut too much luxuries out of your life you just crave it more and end up wanting it more. In cases like that you end up sabotaging yourself and end up punishing yourself too much over it. All a case of moderation and balance. Fad diets don’t work you end up going backwards and forwards with yoyo dieting. So all a case of lifestyle change. My way you can still have your cake and eat it too.


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