Single again

My partner and me separated for good. We agreed we had a great time together :heart: , but its time to go seperate ways. It feels kind of good to care just about me, the 16 years relationship had an impact. She can’t put up with me anymore being chronically broke and unmotivated. She finds its difficult to respect me as she used to.


Damn, 16 years!? I had a relationship for a year and a half over thirty years ago I still think about. I hope you don’t get caught up in it that way!


It happens. I’m been divorced nearly 2 decades now but still keep in touch with the Ex. Some things are hard to let go but glad you ended it friendly. Nothing worse when relationships go bad.

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I am hoping with a little rest and selfcare i can get back on deck again. I have a whole paid team of 6 mental health people caring for me, i think i can use this help to my advantage. The budget is for three years, who knows , maybe i go back to Europe.

My other friend came back from Asia and there are plenty of woman adventurous to do a blind marriage to stay here. This will be interesting for sure.

Looks like a new door may open. That’s cool

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Sorry to hear that Dunno, I was with a girl for about 13 yrs and then we were still friends for a further 3 yrs before she died of cancer.

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It’s a good to hear you parted on good terms.

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We both love peace more than anything, apparently she found god in the past months.:wink:

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