Looks like i am single again

had a huge bust up with my gf and it looks bad lol


Sorry to here that. I hope you two can still piece things back together.

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i dont think i want to tbh :confused:

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At least you were in a relationship for a while.

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Best of luck. Really. I’m going through the same thing right now. I hope everything works out well for you.


I would suggest same sex relationships for you Peter.

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you sound glad.

i’m happy to be divorced. at least single allows hope.

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I’m divorced too @eilyn.

are you glad you are ?

Yes now I am.
How bout you?

yes. was a difficult man

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What do you mean @eilyn?

do you want to talk live. i don’t know if it’s possible or the rules about such. i could use a friend.

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You can PM me anytime.


can you pm me ?

I can’t right now but maybe later.

ok. :slight_smile: i am unsure how as i was building a subdivision, having pta meetings and such and didn’t learn. :frowning: yes it’s embarrassing

I’ve never been in a relationship. That is for the normies. :grin:

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i got a message saying that was discouraged. thank you though. :slight_smile:

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What message? 15 char

@mods do you know anything about a message discouraging members from PMing each other?