Since adding the haldol injection

since adding the haldol injections i have been doing better but i still have symptoms which i told my doctor it is manageable i just wish all the voices, paranoia and anxiety would go away. devon and phillip are gone but rebecca, beliel and aaron are still here plus the gremlins and shadow people whispering to me. i know its probably never going to happen but i can dream. my partner told me one night after i kept making her laugh that i am back to my old self again at least close


Hey it’s been 14 days now, how is the injection working for you? I’m about to be put on it today

Ive found it takes time to lessen voices and the like. I mean time on meds. Vraylar has lessened the voices for me more than anything but not when I first started it. It was many months after. Hopefully for you it will work that way with the Haldol.

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I’m still hearing things but tomorrow is the injection day so we will see

did u still feel weak?

not really, after i get the injection i get headaches and that last for rest of the day. i told my doctor about it but he thinks i’m imagining it

so u didnt tired? or metabolic syndrome?

or felt like legs disconnected ?