Lately I’ve been having episodes where I don’t know if I’m dreaming or not. Took my dog for a walk and immediately felt like I was floating above myself looking down in third person view it felt like a dream, every step I took didn’t feel like my own. Felt like that till I got back to my apartment and laid down in bed and my dog came and laid on top of me and grounded me back to reality.

These episodes have been becoming more and more frequent. My dreams at night are vivid and I don’t know if they are memories or dreams, I’ll wake up the next morning perplexed trying to figure out what’s real. In the morning I wake up and try and function but I feel like I’m still dreaming. The only way I can tell if I’m awake or not is to bite my tongue or my finger. If it hurts I know it’s real. If it doesn’t hurt I know I’m asleep.

I don’t know how to help these simulation episodes where I’m not inside my body. What is this even called? Awake dreaming?

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I think it’s out of body experience if you see yourself from above and such. It happened to me one time too. It was like I could see myself going out of my body, like the soul has a mind of it’s own.

I don’t think it’s normal to get it as frequent and intense as you describe though. Maybe a drink of chamomile tea or something can settle you down before bed. Hopefully this will pass soon.

Is it Lucid Dreaming?

Talk to a pdoc about it. Chances are they know how to treat this problem.