Does anyone know what this is?

i have dreams while im awake. its not a hallucination i can see in the enviroment. its mostly in my head, like viewing a seperate reality. im am not the conductor of the dream but am viewing it. i am also in the dream where i can move myself. mostly these dreams are like some kind of tragity like a car crash as im walking down the street. they are very vivid ans very real feeling.

does anyone know what this is?
is this normal?
it really bothers me latley.


I get this exact same thing.

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what is it!!! ahhh…lol.

Intense daydreams?

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I get this too

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Could be similar to night terrors, except with that you’re paralyzed in bed usually. Sounds like a dream state concurrent with waking “reality”. I haven’t heard of that before, but best wishes that it should subside.

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