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Are you saying then that all of us (as “writers”) should tiptoe around whatever truths we may be telling so that we don’t offend the possible psychotic sensitivities of the others (as “readers”)? Does that sound co-dependent to you? (Even though such tip-toeing may have been normalized in one’s unrecognized social environments.)

Can you see the point I am trying to get across here? Perhaps not. I will try this: It is my observation that many of us were raised in social environments where we became normalized to “codes of conduct” that were set up by the dominant players to protect them from ever hearing the truth about their dominance and intimidation, and the anxieties underlying and energizing that dominance and intimidation.

When one has seen as many parents of severely mentally ill adolescents and young adults as I have, one may come to conclusions about such matters that those who have not been thus exposed may not come to.

Is it actually possible to be forced into delusion or sadness by what another poster writes? Or do we elect – out of our owned automated, conditioned and unconscious choice-making – to be emotionally effected?

Key words there being “UNCONSCIOUS choice making” yes, the brain interprets it as something upsetting, but, despite my best efforts, I have yet to be able to CONCIOUSLY control the issue, but, thanks for making me feel incompetent, I do appreciate it.

That’s not what I am saying at all. I am just saying that misinterpretation of intent can be part of the psychotic process. I would have thought you would have been intelligent enough to get the point I was making but maybe not.
I certainly wouldn’t want you to hold back from expressing what you see to be or are truths because psychosis might make someone react irrationally to what you have to offer.
I have seen very few people trying to shut you down when it comes to expressing yourself which you do well if a little verbosely .

Er… I don’t even operate at anything approaching your level. I’m thinking you may be overthinking your overthinking? That, or I’m just a moron. Not to mention being a big jumble of compulsions to do things I shouldn’t, like looking at stuff that I know will wind me up anyhow.

Meh. Now I’m overthinking – see what you’ve started?? @notmoses, j’accuse!



Perhaps a better approach would be to tactfully confront the person and let him or her know specifically what it is about his or her post that troubles you, rather than arbitrarily shutting him or her down.

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Would you be willing to ask yourself,
“If my feelings are solely driven by
my mind’s interpretations of
what others say
(according to the conditioned
rules and regulations about
how others should act towards me
that I *learned” somewhere)
(usually from the dominant parent),
why would I then assert that
my feelings are controlled by
what others say?"

Because once one understands that this is the essential cognitive distortion in the paranoid delusionality that is the essence of sz, sza, szt and psychotic bipolar, one comes to see that they have a choice to either continue to suffer or to see what is and step up out of the automated reactive box.

More simply put, when I began to observe to notice to recognize to acknowledge to accept to own to appreciate to understand that my sick mind manufactured my emotional reactions – and that others were not responsible for my feelings – I began to take charge of my life and climb up out of the box of my self-induced suffering.

I’ve been over that cheap ■■■■■■■■ soap box psychiatry, guess what, still doesn’t help.

Neither did I 13 years ago. I operated at the level of a snap-judging, abuse-projecting, borderline-organized (meaning horrendously conflicted, “split-personalitied”), paranoid delusional, psychotic bipolar.

I had to acquire a lot of new data that persona did not care for (because it was obsessed with protecting its territory with a bunch of dysfunctional, pain-producing ego defenses) by standing still and facing what is actually so about my mind.

That is the only thing that has ever worked for me. All the nicey-nicey, politically correct, co-dependent, supportive ■■■■■■■■ was keeping me sick as a dog.

Sometimes, we are forced to cheerfully refund the pain and misery created by the mind of another’s commitment to the defense mechanisms that keep things that way.

I held onto my precious silver box of dysfunctional defense mechanisms through two suicide attempts serious enough put me in the ICU followed by yet another long-term hospitalization. I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I got up off the canvas and started fighting back. Using the energy of my rage against my awful parents to fuel a drive to Find the F-----g Answers.

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You and another member should start a “high functioning” circle jerk.

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Sadness or a negative mood state maybe but delusion I doubt. It is possible that what is written exacerbates an already delusional state of mind. However the vast majority of the time this is not the intention of the poster .

Re silencing users: Having a dalek as a moderator would help :wink:

Like the Vulcans on our old Star Trek show. Hmm. But I will argue that pure, wholly unemotional reason is as disconnected from reality as pure non-conceptual emotionalism. Balance seems more functional. (See Immanuel Kant.)

I agree that balancing emotionality and reason is important. We are not computers or robots.

Amen. And I think that we benefit from observing our emotions as indicators of what is happening around us, as well as within us about what is happening around us. BUT not blindly accepting the combination of unobserved emotion and pure reasoning as The Truth, when in fact it is too often misleading.

In the sz pt, the misleading is simply a difference in degree.

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Instead of rubber necking and to be safe without further delay I will just look forward in the direction I am going and just imagine the worst site possible that I can .

This also works well when trying to control my hungry eyes for the eye candy passing by in other cars or standing on the corners by a major traffic lights and you can just imagine the most unlawful things just to proceed safely, knowing that that just isn’t happening.

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I am not sz but have experienced psychosis/emotive and irrational thought processes.
One positive of medication is that it has to a large extent helped me to hold back from a knee jerk and often exaggerated response to perceived negativity.
The paranoia is there but the reaction on account of it is muted.


Exterminate! Exterminate!


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