Signs when getting in your 40's? Watching cooking basic food tutorials?

Who else does this? I nearly 40.


I started that when I was in my 20’s. :face_in_clouds:

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40’s is where everything starting falling apart for me. First mentally , then a few years later , physically.

You’re a strong guy Bowens. I see you making it into your 80’s.

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I just picked up the skill of cooking as I went along. Yeah, I started cooking in around my forties. I started off simple and got to more complicated recipes. I started cooking recipes when I started the Atkins diet back in 2000. The Atkins diet is very restrictive, mainly just meat and vegetables so I bought an Atkins Diet cookbook and started cooking low carb dishes.

I wanted variety so I made casseroles and other dishes. I picked up cooking fairly easily, right from the beginning I thought that if you can read you can cook. A recipe tells you exactly what ingredients you need, how much of each one, what order to use them and exactly how to cook them.

If I had questions like “what is orange zest” or “what’s a double boiler” then I looked up the terms online. Simple. Following a recipe is easy.