Signs and Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder

Schizophrenia with paranoia: While people with BPD can experience paranoid ideations, their frequency is much less than that of those in people with schizophrenia with paranoia. Schizophrenia is also associated with more severe cognitive impairments than BPD.

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I thought I had this for a while. But my doctor says CPTSD is very similar to having borderline- in fact those two disorders are very similar. I guess having a long-term trauma can really impact someone.

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I don’t think I have it

Don’t know much

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Was “supposed” to have full blown EUPD for over 20 years. But it got downgraded to “EUPD Traits” on my clinic letters when i got the dx of Sz 8 years ago.

Complete load of cobblers.

Infact - I spent a year in a Severe Personality disorder unit called the henderson hospital, with shrinks from the home office.

Stuff like “where in the swimming pool are you”, like at the bottom not coping, to grabbing the rails. All wierd psychological shite.

It was strictly medication free too - you wernt even allowed paracetemol.


I couldn’t stay in the mental hospital for a year. With the APs they gave me(I had no choice but to take them), I would go mad. 2-3 weeks is bad enough for me

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I believe I read a study on sexism in psychiatry where patients presented with the same symptoms, and girls were more likely to be diagnosed with borderline while boys were more likely to be diagnosed with ptsd.


My ex wife most likely suffered with borderline.
Man, what a chaotic ride!

She also suffered from some sort of dissociative disorder.

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Ha Yeah - Sounds about right. Ive heard similar over the years.

The female stigma of women “just being an emotional wreck” has been going for ages.

Women are far more likely to cop the EUPD diagnosis. Which in turn - just gets them treated like shite when they attend the local ER in crisis.

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