Anyone have Schizophrenia and Borderline Personality?

i wanna know there are others.

There are people on this site with both, but I forget who

I think @Hadeda has both.

I have CPTSD which resembles borderline personality. But I do perfectly fine in relationships.
The only difference is that I don’t have sz.

@Wave is correct - I have both schizoaffective and borderline

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I have been diagnosed with both in the past, but neither are current diagnoses.

Yep!! Schizophrenia (F20) and EUPD Traits. The Eupd dx i strongly dis-agree with Btw. Load of old cobblers. My opinion is that they just didnt want to piss off the shrink that gave me that years ago.

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Traditionally, “borderline” was used to refer to a condition of borderline psychosis. That is, not quite psychotic but not quite normal. So, if you have schizophrenia (a psychotic disorder), then you would not be considered “borderline” any more.

Nowadays, “borderline” is typically used to refer to borderline personality disorder (BPD). I don’t see any reason why you could not have both BPD and schizophrenia.


@schizornot Thats why, at least in the Uk, The term was changed to EUPD, Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder - to more accuratly reflect the condition. IMO Its still a really shitty diagnosis tho.

You might as well have a post-it note on your head for “Pain in the Arse”.

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In my experience EUPD has the most stigma amongst acute mental health care workers


When I worked in a residential facility, some of the employees would refer to BPD as “crazy ■■■■■ disorder” and I found it very offensive. In my opinion,it is a diagnosis that is overused on patients who don’t immediately respond to treatment as a scapegoat. “Oh, I’m not a bad pdoc, see? They just have the untreatable BPD!”


I Quite Agree!! That Dx Haunted me for bloody years!!!


I was originally diagnosed with SzA, but the psychiatric hospital changed it to paranoid Sz in 2008. Now it’s just Sz. I think the original SzA diagnosis was correct.

I don’t know. That’s probably what I actually have but was never diagnosed.

Oh, I have those also, Bipolar type. Just started lithium, zyprexa and buspar.
What do you do to manage?
I’ve only my Mom to help me and she is upset often with me.

I take two AP’S (amisulpride and olanzapine) and a mood stabiliser (lamotrigine)

and research sza and borderline to understand it better.

I journal about my symptoms

and come on here and another forum.

And fortunately have family support

And try to avoid stress as much as I can

all schizophrenia seems ro be running through a belief in non physical realities or psychic “realities” in my experience try not believing in any psychic reality or psychic alternative inner personalities and see if helps maybe not sure

It’s funny Lamotrigine caused an inability to to even be capable of turning a door knob.
It was hell, Metaphorically.
I find it common Borderlines are writers or at least desire to write.
I suppose it’s logical. Feeling all things almost always would cause the NEED to write.
“You should write Tristan” Yeah. I’d think. If you didn’t tell me I should I might. I’d think…
Thank you for the input EarthChild!

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