Side effects from medication abilify

Hi haven’t posted here in years. Anyone here experience bad side effects from medication abilify?
It has helped me for 7+ years but it’s the side effects I dislike… I get the abilify injection 300 mg…


I experienced weight gain and hair loss.

Also it kind of dulled my senses.

I couldn’t take instruction well and it didn’t help my delusions.

Voices, yes.

I don’t know if I would recommend it,

It does work,

But at a cost.

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I took it for two days and became litteral food monster I ate like 8 times a day. I also was hypersexual, mastyrbated like 6 times a day and was never enough. I also experienced insomnia, anxiety and agitation

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Same for me, about 7 years. I hate it but it’s keeping me out of hospital. It doesn’t appear to be losing effectiveness which can happen with other APs. I hate it and I’m terrified to change.

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Yeah I’m disliking this medication in new ways everyday, but is still loyal to taking such a med.

Same this is the only medication that seems to work. I hope for better treatments in the future.

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It’s your choice.

I came off Abilify over a year ago.

Because of the side effects.

Now I’m just on an AD and some anxiety medication.

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It made me compulsive shop and hypersexual. Nasty. Was on it for 8yrs.

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Yeah the compulsive side effects of abilify is unfair. I mentioned my weird side effects to my psychiatrist she seems to just prescribe more meds.

I’ve been on Abilify for over 13 years. I still take it every day. I wait for better treatment too. It causes compulsive behavior for me too. I don’t know if I want to take it anymore. I also take rexulti and zyprexa on top of abilify. No one in my life would allow me to come off of any meds though. I have very little say in my treatment and life. I am doing ok enough I suppose because I have not been in the hospital for years. I just hate the compulsive behavior I have to battle every day. I don’t know if it’s worth it or not……if Abilify helps me enough to deal with this.


Some of my hair on my head has fallen out.

As a female I absolutely feel not happy about this

I used to under appreciate my thick volumous hair until now that some has fallen out.

I have developed an attachment to my hair.


I have been on 15 mg for a year, so far no side effects. Only side effect is craving for stimulants, but I was a poly drug user, so not shure if it’s from the abilify, used to be more into psychedelic then stimulant though


I can understand that, even as a guy I don’t want to lose my hair, but if it is any consolation in your pics it looks like you have a full thick head of hair, I would never of thought you had lost some.


Yea thankyou.

It is cos I had a lot of hair on my head.

So to loose some hasn’t caused me to go bald

But if you were to see my central parting in real life up close some peeps may notice hair thinning :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

You’re lucky you’re not losing hair. Maybe it’s also genetic like if your dad has not gone bald.


My grandfather had a full head of hair up until he died and my dad has a full head of hair, he is in his 70’s. So I think I inherited my hair from them. My other grandfather, on my mom’s side of the family was bald. I heard an old wives tale when I was younger that you inherit your hairline from your mothers side of the family, so that always scared me growing up that I would go bald, thankfully it’s not true. I’m 43 and my hair is the same as it has always been.


Yeah the compulsive behaviors are the worst unique side effects when it comes to abilify.

Abilify affected my behavior, so that I was more reckless. I was a problem for the people who ran our assisted living center. One time I slipped the lock on the office where our med’s were kept. I was looking for benzos and pain medication. I was a pain for a lot of people. On the positive side, I did get a nice increase in physical strength from the drug. I could tell because they had a set of weights at the clubhouse. I also think Abilify might have helped with my negative symptoms.

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Wow interesting, I wished abilify helped all my symptoms.

It had some positive effects on me, but they eventually had to take me off of it because I was a little bit out of control.

Did you find any other antipsychotics that would help you?