Shutting down please

I want every living thing to stop breathing and every object or material to cease. Call me the kindest.

None of this is real. I had an experience. I know this is not real. I kill myself and ill be flooded with the truth. But i dont want the truth, the experience tried to show me the truth and i told it ‘no’. So exist i must, no purpose. Just a being in a state of confusion.


Perception is reality. I dont trust anything outside of my own head. And then I dont trust some things in there either.

Physics tells us otherwise but whos to say physics arent just based on arbitrary values that my mind has decided to base my external world on?

I know that I am real, but maybe you arent. Im guessing you feel the same but in reverse

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Exactly @zwolfgang. I guess i know my consciousness exists. I worry it created all this to fight…loneliness? Im not sure. Perhaps it wanted to experience this -so it did. Honestly maybe its best if i am all that exists. At least then these assholes in life are just one with me, but not really because i created them. Therefore they have no power.

No one can hurt me but me.

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Im glad to know someone feels this way too lol. It would be super trippy if I was having this conversation with a person made from my consciousness to rationalize my external world so that I believe it exists. Not convinced though.

Then again Im not convinced it isnt real either, so Im not gonna test it by doing something stupid.

I just wish I could control it if thats what it is. Make the “world” into what I wish it was

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Hahaha, yes that is a trippy thought. If thats reality though, why would it not create religion, philosophers, scientists, and such to make it all the more convincing. ‘It’ would have unlimited time to create this. I appreciate you are willing to talk about it and share with me your experience.

Btw this is bitumin, rap colab, changed my name.

Stay awesomesauce man!

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Well it did a damn good job haha this convo for example. Absolutely man great talk, you stay awesomesauce too!

Btw if you ever wanna collab again hit me up Ive gotten a lot better at making beats :wink:

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