Once you know you exist,

You can’t make this truth undone. Forever


It reminds me of the fact that “getting rid of your ego” only makes way for a new different type of ego. And by thinking about the ego more it just drives your ego farther. So the more you try to get rid of it the more you create it.

But is it my fault?? Hell na

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Unless you have delusions of non existence??

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Pinch yourself. Anywhere. As hard as you can.

That’s your body sending signals of pain to your brain.

If you dont exist, what exactly are you feeling at this very moment?

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Sometimes i wish I could talk to someone schooled about it. It is the woman with the petunicorn telling me these.

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Does she exist?

Fantasies don’t exist cause they are fantasies. I think i am a fantast. Visionist.

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They exist. They are as real as the breath I am taking. That why I take medication. That why I am a sz. That is my problem. Its so freaked. My hell hasn’t even started yet.

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Hope you’re alright dude.

Are you still smoking cigarettes?

Its a few days since i furtelized my brain with alcohol. I am still detoxing.i know it will be month till I am completely sober. I had to face my real life problems. But we found a solution and I stopped. Yes i am still smoking, stresses me not being dizzy anymore. Maybe i have to triple my medication and start new again.

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