I rate this experience of life 10/10 for being confusing and illogical while the whole time they just point it back at me

I realized this will never end. I don’t know what reality is or means. However what I experience is not invalid. It is beyond comprehension of understanding to others under how reality is supposedly advertised. So much so that they call it not real. M×th×r f××k×r…don’t tell me it’s not real. It happened. It happened to me, and that’s not not real. This is my reality and I don’t understand it in the slightest. People see friends. I see fiends. Will I play the game? Yeah. Am I good at it? Oddly so, yes.

Just been taking a long ass break because I needed to come to terms with the fact this will never end, not even in death (what a sweet, grandiose concept though) …and I’ll be forever loved, but never liked.

Yeah, I want to be liked! I understand that one!

I call that subjective perspective the “crazy narrative”. A lot of internal logic going on with it, but I’m pretty sure it won’t persist to the “next place” if you don’t want it to.

No one knows true insanity until you try to make it in “normie” society.


Just damn

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