Showing my mom my slam poetry about self harm and suicide


Today, I showed my mom a recording I did of some slam poetry i wrote.
I talked about slitting my wrists, and wanting to say my last goodbyes.
She was sad at first, but recognized that it was art, and that it was my way of letting my feelings out.
I don’t know if it was a goos idea to show it to her, since she worries about me more now.
I just felt, it was the only reason for me to tell her how i feel.
How did you guys tell your family about those dark things (negative symptoms) that come with the diagnosis?


I didn’t tell them. :gorilla::gorilla::gorilla:


I know that you have the urge to share your experience of psychosis with your mom but reading dark poetry about yourself could scare her and worry her.
I wouldn’t do it.


Are you from Croatia?You look very good…


Im from Denmark :slight_smile:


Sorry,Ida is common Croatian name. :slightly_smiling_face:


When I was hospitalized for first time in 2000,my mother didn’t know how many times I was in danger situation.When she was dying,I told her all about that situation and she felt disappointed that I never told her before.She was bitter also.My father doesn’t understand negative symptoms,so there is no point telling him about it.May be if I did what you’ve done,collecting and writing down it would help.Instead,I wrote prayers to God each time I felt bad,but it’s not for showing to indifferent persons.


I keep my struggles as secret as possible,

I don’t want my family worrying about me.


Same here.


When I started struggling, only my husband saw. I pulled away from friends and family. I was hospitalized for suicidal thoughts and didnt tell anyone. I was in counseling for a year and a half and didn’t tell anyone. Finally, after I overdosed and was in the hospital, my counselor recommended to my husband to tell my family.

My family is supportive, so I’m glad now that they know. I can even tell my parents when I am thinking about suicide. However, it’s a risk to tell. Not all of the feedback and responses I receive are helpful.

I think it’s wonderful that your mom is willing to hear you through whatever ways you express yourself. Show her much appreciation for her support. Knowing comes at a great cost to her own mental and emotional health.

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