Show off your ink


Does anyone have tattoos?
If not, how come?
I have a few and my boyfriend HATES them. I just tell him to suck it up and stop being a hypocrite since he has one himself.
Show it off here.


Beautiful ink! If you would ever like something sketched let me know and I will do the best I can.

I have 23 tattoos right now but I am too camera shy to show them.


I will make sure to let you know if I think of anything. Thank you.


What are their meanings?

…your door looks like the one in my house I had to replace several times, finally I had to get a solid core door.


Well the USSR stars are just simply because of my Russian heritage. The snow is because I love winter. The daisy is my favorite flower, I collect skeleton keys and the big one in the center is the wheel of fortune which I interpret as life being the wheel always turning round and round. You end up holding on for dear life and you can be on top or be on the bottom, and not to worry because it will always spin around again.


Very nice!
I like that interpretation about the “wheel of life” “always spinning round and round, and where it stops, nobody knows”
Too true.


Ты говоришь по-русски? (Do you speak Russian?)


The ship symbolizes when I was delusional. It signifies a ship sailing over the edge of the world. Even though the Earth looks flat we know from the facts it’s round. Well delusions are the same way. They seem true but when we check the facts we learn the truth.

The bee I got this past winter for my 30th. My mom’s name means “the bee” and she got a tattoo of a sun because that’s what my name means. It symbolizes our love for each other.

This one reminds me to flow through life like music flows or a fish flows through water. The Chinese characters represent peace, God, and love because that’s what it takes to flow through life.

The heart was my first one and it represents when I was a Christian. It symbolizes that when Christ was on the cross He broke the chains of bondage in my heart. Thorns were a product of sin and because I’m dead to sin the thorns are colorless.

All of my tattoos mean something to me and represent a time in my life. :sunny:


I really like that vine on your side :slight_smile:

I have six tattoos, three of which I want covered up! Lol



those are cool tattoos’ , i have four .
take care


Cool tatts! I don’t have any :frowning:


i love tattoos and piercings - I have 6 tattoos and 2 piercings. I do not know how to post photos of my tattoos - but nice tattoos guys!


I’m sorry, I was mistaken, they are snowflakes… I like your snowflakes.

This is one of my favorite tattoos. I’m covering my son’s name.

This is one of the tattoos that I debate covering up. It says “I’d rather be a breath of fresh air”. It’s a statement that speaks for itself, I just get anxious about other people being able to read me so literally.


Yes I do. I need to practice more though.


No tattoes, i don’t have anything to permenantly put on my body and am looking forward to being gone from this place forever.

Perhaps if i have a life worth living i would get a tat, but until then i just don’t have anything to mark my body with.


Yes snowflakes. I love snow, and winter. So cold and beautiful.



Got this tattoo for my birthday. Sadly my birthday is on 4/20, and after lighting up and thinking for about five minutes, I got this tattoo. I don’t really regret it though.


Seems like a great piece of writing if one had to have something written on one’s body . . . I’m not crazy about Hitler, who was born on April 20th. But I am crazy about my Mom, a wonderful human being, who was also born on April 20.