Tattoos and what does it mean

Do you guys have tattoos, and what do they mean for you?


I can’t choose what to get; also probably related is I don’t think I could pull it off or make it work.

They’re just a little too permanent for me.

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I have 13. Lots of different meanings. Some drawn by me, 2 i got while in active psychosis. Luckily they are on my chest and hidden by clothing. I’ll keep them anyways.

You asked me about my tattoos. And what I mean to me. What is the tattoo of a devil? The other one is an angel. These are on my hips. They are there to remind me. They are always fighting for my soul. So have you ever hear a whisper? Then you truly know. There is something up above. And something down below.


Two of my tattoos are the actual pawprints of my cats’ paws. I had clay casts made of their paws and then took them to be tattooed. One is over my heart, the other on my left arm just above my wrist, where that cat liked to put his paw when he cuddled with me. He was a huge Maine Coon so everyone who comments on it thinks it’s a dog paw.

I have a small Canadian maple leaf :maple_leaf: above my navel that i got when I got my Canadian citizenship (I’m dual US/Canadian).

I have a small red heart outlined in black on my left hand. It’s from when I was actively bulimic and needed a reminder to love myself.

I have a black infinity style wedding band.

And I have a red barbed wire bracelet on my right ankle that I now hate. It’s half faded away, which is fine with me

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I have 4 visible , and 4 hidden - so 8 in total. I sort of regret getting them, and at the same time (it’s spring here, so not warm) I’m wearing short sleeve!

Luckily my 2 that i got while psychotic are covered by even tank tops. At least my ex wife told me not to make them visible and i listened.

But they are a reminder of how far i fell, which can be a double edged sword cause i fall back there often.

Yeah, you never know hey!

Two, one is for my mom and the other means hope


I have three. I have a small heart on my foot and a butterfly on my left shoulder blade. The heart of my foot doesn’t mean anything, and I think the butterfly was supposed to signify change.

When I was going through infertility, and just before we did in vitro fertilization, I put a mother’s love heart on my lumbar area.


All my tattoos have deep meaning to me


I don’t consider this to be a tattoo,

but can be considered as its on the skin with design.

I have a cross, which I made on my left hand.

I made a rod heated up and imprinted on my hand.

I did it because I was losing faith.


oh I wish I could get tattoos…I’m too afraid I will try to self remove them in psychosis , if that should ever happen again…I am very aware of any scars or anthing on my body when psychotic.


Just got a crying angel on my left arm, and a rose and dagger on the right.
Wife and daughters name too.

I mainly had them to cover up self harm scars, which thank god i havent done for years now lol.

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I have my x boyfriends name tattooed on me.:joy:

My partner I have now and I got matching tattoos on our third date.:joy::two_hearts::love_you_gesture:t4::pray:t4:
He paid.

I have Seinfeld Kramer tattoo.
George is my favourite character but I agree one should always feel good but I’m actually serious about it.

I have Tassie (Tasmanian devil cartoon)

I have my horse my everything in s way who died my love my baby I miss and our love is eternal.

I have a vegan tattoo but I’m not vegan anymore.

I have two other ones.

I want to get more but can’t afford it yet.

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