Should you be expected to pay for an involuntary admission to hospital?

People may slag off the UK. But with the NHS we dont have these problems if your a British National.


All health care should be covered at no cost to the patient.


When I was involuntarily committed to a hell hole of a psych hospital I basically fainted twice at different times because of the abuse I endured throughout my stay there.

They transferred me to the ER by ambulance twice and later they charged me over $20000 for transportation to the hospital.

The ER was only 5 minutes away from the psych hospital.

My father and I fought with the debt collectors and finally won our case.

My insurance ended up paying the cost.

The health care system in the United States is atrocious.

We’ve got a lot to learn from most of the rest of the world.


My visit to the psych hospital was around 80k

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I don’t think they expect you to pay. Hospitals sometimes take care of bills for low income people. Most places won’t hold Medical bills against you, credit wise.

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Lots of good answers but OP I would join Credit Karma, give the info, and verify on your credit report that you don’t have a judgment entered.

You’ve mentioned going back to work in the past and it could be tough if your wages are garnished after you get a job.

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Also I believe medical bills do go on your credit report but they can’t do anything like garnish wages or deny you treatment if you really need it because of them

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Definitely feel it’s unethical to charge you for something you didn’t ask for I also believe they charge entirely too much as well, the place I generally go when it hits the fan charges my insurance something like 2000/day so Ive been pushed out the door long before being ready the last 3 times I’ve checked myself in, about 5 or 6 days for the withdrawals I inevitably go through to subside and then I get told I have to leave because my insurance says “I’m stable” ie “we don’t want to pay for him to be there anymore” before any real med management is done

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Yeah, I had charges for an involuntary committal as well. Have not paid them and have no intention of paying them. If they are going to force you into a committal at a hospital anything the insurance doesn’t cover should not be charged to the person.

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I had medical bills from being admitted involuntary 19k for a one week stay in psych. I had no insurance and I had a job working 30 hours a week for $10 an hour. There was no way I could pay that bill. Lucky for me my case worker petitioned for the state health and welfare department to cover it and they did. My next psych stay I had insurance and I still had 6k in bills after insurance I eventually got the hospital to write off my bill because I wasn’t working at the time. Healthcare costs in America are outrageous. I only hope that next time I need inpatient care my SMI insurance will cover it, but no guarantees.

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My mind is blown. I’m Canadian and you don’t pay for hospital visits unless you upgrade to a private room or such. I can’t imagine penalizing someone who was involuntarily admitted with a financially ruinous bill. Inhumane treatment.


I don’t think there’s a right answer for me. I mean why make the taxpayers pay for it? It’s nice not having to pay, but it should be billed to insurance or something maybe even public insurance. I’m not a fan of socialism, but it probably has some positive influence on the patient and the society to have them medicated and hospitalized and have humane treatment of the individual.

I feel like society is going downhill and has been for some time. I’m not comparing apples to oranges here (other countries). We still are the policeman of the world as they call it. We are a hegemony or world power but we cannot really afford just to have trillions upon trillions of dollars going to anybody. A lot of horrible crap goes on in the world. Not just our country but others.

My best visit was to a public hospital and it was short lived (thank God). It was smelly and no rooms for sleeping but I felt more secure and safe (except using the bathroom…) because it was a different environment and more regulated.

Private is better but private is less regulated and I felt something ‘fishy’ or conspiracy like going on at mine. Sort of like my life was in danger back in 2014-2016 there (IIRC 2015 especially before the UFOs came in 2016). It felt like some of the staff and especially (well most certainly) the patients there. A lot of them should have been in prison or on the street but the hospital took in anyone for extra money and put the ‘privileged’ ones like myself in danger. It was more of a new scene or new area type of thing and I felt safe and better in a public institution.

Not saying it wasn’t perfect, but I think my local mental hospital was dangerous and mean to me. Things have changed. But there were criminals there and they threatened me and scared me at the height of my schizophrenia and I felt like I was in deja vu for years or a time loop…still feels real. Vraylar has helped me avoid returning there and it’s sad because I loved it there early on – initially. Initially, I wanted to live in one because it was like a resort but it’s just soo damn expensive. I kind of felt like I was in some type of mk-ultra type crap + aliens + hills have eyes sort of thing there…

Kinda cult-ish…

But they billed my insurance and actually sent me back to the place. I hated it there. I probably opened my mouth or said some things or maybe pissed some psychopaths/criminals off there or I was targeted.

Anyways, I don’t believe in free college or free this or free that and open borders, but honestly I don’t care and it doesn’t concern me. I’ll just probably move to Florida or something to escape some day lol.

I’m in Canada and it’s free and the hospital I go to has all individual rooms.


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