Should we use the metric system? Pol

  • Yes
  • No
  • I stick with the shitty one

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They have been trying to convert the U.S. to metric as far back as i remember. I remember being in high school in the seventies and they were trying to convert. It doesn’t work. But it’s kind of weird how everybody accepts 2-liter bottles of soft drinks now.

When I was a kid it was a 3 liters cheep soda, the only none we could affors. Now its gone, but we have 3liters beer

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With two dollars

My country already uses metric. It just makes more sense.

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They all do, except sua and some bananas rupublics

I use my eyes to estimate length :blush:

Universal acceptance of the metric system would be bliss.

Unfortunately the standard system of measurements is too far ingrained in the US infrastructure for it to be a realistic thing to consider.

It’s pretty obvious that it can be used to obscure the process of things making sense… Make the world larger and more daunting… it keeps people down… All out of traditionalism.

I wish that it was easier to encourage brightness in the world and just let it be… The only people who seem to get away with large egos are the sexy ones… and they’re the most annoying pack of scum suckers on the planet.

I used the metric system exclusively when I was an R.N. I think we in the U.S. should switch to the metric system so we can be in sync with the rest of the world. We should also switch to soccer from American football.

Why did you close the poll? I want to stick with the shitty one. I’m not smart enough to change systems.

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Hey crocodile stop hating on America! We love our pigskin football, standard system and barbecue with beers.

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We have that in the greatest and oldest most advanced continent in the world, Europe

We made you america

My little kitty has more history then you do
Edit: america

Where are you from @anon73425833?

Romania but I prefer Dacia… That place where they found an 5000 years old stone with writing on it, maybe the oldest one

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The only thing I’ve heard about Romania is that they were good at gymnastics. I think the USA took your coaches.

We have a lot of history and a great deal of great people. Nicolas paunescu discovered peniciline not Fleming, flaming just patent it.
Henri coanda discoveres the reactioning ( spelling) engine
Aurel vlaicu and Traian vuia were pioneers in aviation
The eifel tower is made from Romanian steel
Mircea eliade writes the history of religions (an one of a kind book)
And Manny others but I am not inform enough to know them all


Glad you are a proud Romanian.

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Is the American football really made from pig skin ?

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