Should we feel bad for,

@Moon, Cokroaches seems to be a common thing in the US or Canada.

Here in the UK it’s not such a thing.


When I moved to Arizona I moved in with a roommate, he had already been living there for a few years, didn’t tell me he had a huuuuge cockroach problem. It was so awful having to live there while I found a different place.


That would be horrible yea I can imagine :// glad you got to move out soon enough.

In the UK the major sort of infestation problem would actually be mice, not cokroaches, if anything.


This is a thing close to my vest and close to my heart.

I was a 7 year old child who would do the magnifying glass thing to ants; and I did other stuff too…

Fast forward To now and I’m different now at the cellular level, have gone through a chemical change(both analogies) but actually wonder if I’m being penalized (to put it softly) with my life now(?)… or worse… But that … to share that would be like getting carried away into what comes next, in the afterworld for the likes of me…


(Age 7 i think I remember is a thing in Catholicism if you were to follow it to a t… about when you are old enough to know the difference between right and wrong…)

And I think I’m on a journey of redemption which is heartwarming to know and people appreciate hearing that too irl.

But sometimes I’m hard on myself and feel like Schooling and becoming socialized is the thing that changed… I had absolute power over a creature… and I failed miserably to display CHARACTER to pull from an Abraham Lincoln quote …

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I am really sorry Happy2Help but i don’t understand your post

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The good ole ‘Honest Abe’ has a quote where he says:

If you want to test a person’s character give them adversity, But if you REALLY want to test their character, give them power’.

Was that the part that was difficult to understand?

If I am outside I only kill mosquitoes. On the inside I will go after Asian Beetles, moths, anything that stings or bites.


i have absolutely no idea what you are talking about?

Oh I see (I think - some of that stems from a quote about dictators: The one that tries to say:

‘Power corrupts; and absolute power corrupts absolutely

Its ok I may take it down… I’m hard on myself about smoking, and apply some of this to self destructive stuff…

Others might understand.

Just I know that i defo do not.

I get really confused.

Take care :slight_smile:

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it’s funny you mention this because i was thinking about this subject last night before bed. i only kill when necessary, if their inside sometimes i will kill a bug, but most of the time i try to get them back outside or whatever. if a fly happens to get in, i just let them fly around my place for a couple days before they die anyhow. but i think it’s good to acknowledge life around us, my dad kills bugs without a thought, which i think is a bad habit of his. he feels superior i guess,and that their are no repercussions for killing bugs or animals. anyways life is a struggle so i usually let nature run it’s course and try not to kill bugs if i don’t have to.

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