Should I tell my new boyfriend about my diagnosis?

We have been seeing each other for a couple of months now. I have recovered from my episode but I still take medication. I feel like I am coming out to him or something. He has never had any kind of mental health troubles. I’m not sure how he might react. But I’m thinking I will confess my diagnosis to him…


I guess it’s the right time to come out… but don’t use the term “schizophrenia” as it carries a lot of stigma. Just tell him you had a psychotic episode and that now you take medication and are very stable :slight_smile:


If you’ve been seeing him for a few months then the time is definetly right to let him know in my opinion.


Nah. Why lie? You may as well not say anything in that case. I’d let them know the truth.

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I dunno. I told a few friends about my illness. To some I told I’ve got schizophrenia, and they show pity and some of them are avoiding me ever since… To others I told I’ve had a psychotic episode, and they are pretty cool about it :slight_smile:


He may not understand what schizophrenia is, there are still people who think it is multiple personally disorder or that they go about killing people.
You might be better to start slowly by just saying some of the symptoms you have.


I’d approach the matter with delicacy. Maybe you could lay the groundwork with hints and suggestions before you break it to him outright. I wouldn’t suddenly say I was schizophrenic. Maybe you could start out by saying how important it is for people to be honest with each other, and gradually approach the subject from there.

I say I have anxiety and OCD which affect me in negative way sometimes. . . . . .

That is the only thing that has worked for me by far. (with friends, relatives)

Not sure how your bf will react… good luck and just do what you think is right for your relationship I guess.
sorry you have to go through this … depends on the severity, he may have noticed something

You must eventually let your boyfriend know. Once you feel confident that he loves you, then let him know. And never stop taking your medications as ordered. Do that for your boyfriend, and yourself.

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I would say what it is, explain what it is. Be honest. Let him decide if he wants to be in a relationship with a schizophrenic. It is quite a responsibility. If he can’t handle the thought of it how is he going to handle the fact of the matter. Schizophrenia is not for the weak at heart, it’s scary crap man.

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I’ve tried both versions of the story(I had a psychotic episode + I take medication and I have Schizophrenia). I’ve always had mixed results. I think the gentler the better only because there is so much stigma associated with the diagnosis. I

f he probes further and asks for the diagnosis then tell him just that, tell him about the stigma and/or explain your symptoms carefully. I’m sure if he sees how aware and educated you are about your situation it will give him a different/better perspective on the illness.

Goodluck my friend!


You are coming out with your real self. Good.

But I have found don’t tell work or friends about a diagnosis until they have a need to know, it’s none of their business.

Some people AFTER they know you for a good while just know it’s part of you and can maybe help explain some symptoms if they break through.

But some react negatively and it can ruin work or casual friendships.

If you have seen this guy for months then it sounds serious and yes it’s time to tell him.
Find the right moment.
Good luck @Diana_Ross7!

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The best way is to be honest about it before you have to explain if an episode happens. At least then he’ll know what’s going on. Good luck to you! I am open and public about my illness!

I’m wishing you luck too. I think I’d say that I have some psychological issues that I take medicine for and that the medicine helps a lot. Just wanted to let you know. He he asks for your dx well then you’re in a tough spot. Could just describe your symptoms

It is no good to beat around the bush in a relationship. Tell him you have sz and make sure he knows what sz is. If he is still interested, well, then he is a keeper. Good luck.

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I think you should tell them because its best to know that they accept everything about you. And if they dont then tell them to piss off because you could do so much better. Told my partner not long into the relationship and they’ve supported me 100% through my diagnosis and everything.

I think sz is a meaningless dx for other people to understand. It means so many different things I don’t think it helps some to know you’d better to hear some doctor says you’re sz. What do you think?

I find it easier to tell people who haven’t known me for long. If I see someone who I haven’t seen for 15 years, it would be difficult to explain the decline in my functioning, as most people don’t know that part about schizophrenia.

Well, he’s going to find out sooner or later. If you don’t tell him soon he’s going to feel lied to when he does find out.