Should I start smoking weed again?


I really getting the urges recently to smoke weed again. I’ve been diagnosed with schizophrenia about 4-5 months ago. I had the voices in my head, voice alterations, thinking people can read my minds the whole lot (stayed in a mental institution for a few days). It was horrible when I had the voices for a few months. I have gotten way better than before with barley hearing voices now but still suffer the negative symptoms of schizophrenia and depression. I really want to smoke weed and escape reality again. Is it worth the risk? Would the voices come back?


No, the risk far outweighs the benefits. Please don’t smoke pot.


NO. It does make you delusional and hallucinating again and It does not help with your negative symptoms and depression, in my case smoking weed actually worsen
my negative symptoms, talk to a psychiatrist about your negative symptoms cause there is meds for it.

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Marijuana can be detrimental to your mental health, it has caused some people with schizophrenia to almost relapse.Just realize that it is a risk. Also it costs too much money and is illegal in most areas. If you start smoking it may become a habit and it will take the place of more potentially productive activities. I personally cannot tolerate it in any way. It may make your symptoms worse, it’s probably not the smartest thing to do. I would not recommend it to anybody, plus when you smoke pot or do any drugs you will probably end up running in the worst circles of people. So no.


I wouldn’t recommend it. I didn’t see it at the time but once I got on medicine and quit drugs I realised that particularly Cannabis and synthetic Cannabinoids were really destroying any grip I had on reality, and it seems that’s common for people who’ve have had or are vulnerable to psychosis.

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Oh my Oh my what can I say? I know it’s hard to deal with the negative symptoms. I would ask for a mood stabilizer before reaching for the pot again.

Sure, it might feel good for a bit, but your only delaying getting your life back on track. You can you know. You can beat this. But the meds don’t work right when they have to compete with the pot and it is a risk.

Yes, for me the voices came back, stronger and louder every time. I know negative symptoms just suck. But pot will only make it worse. Please talk to your doc and avoid the pot.

Good luck, I’m rooting for you.

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If pot did not contain THC I think it would be a much different story - but most strains of marijuana contain high levels of the destabilizing chemical THC. If you are so bent on using pot again, I would wait for the upcoming CBD based antipsychotics to come out, they are undergoing phase 2 trials, they are going to come out sometime pretty soon

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Thanks for the support guys, I decided not to smoke weed again. I see now that its the right choice not to. I really appreciate the help!


That’s great you decided not to smoke weed again. I know the cravings are hard sometimes. In February I decided to stop smoking, but before I made that choice I would look all over for weed. Then once I decided I didn’t want it anymore, the cravings just stopped and I was done with it. I stopped because I was told I was going to be tested. I also became really delusional when I was high with bizarre thoughts where I had to kill my mom. It just wasn’t worth it. What helped me to quit any addiction was to really think through reasons why it was not good to smoke. Then when I would get cravings use the reasons as a deterrent. Become almost disgusted with the behavior. Assume that it will make the voices worse and then when you have a craving imagine the voices when they were really bad. This creates associations in your brain. I’m sure you’ve always justified smoking so your brain thinks of it as an acceptable behavior. I used to be a big time pot head. I would justify it even if it was hurting me.

Besides the legal consequences, you don’t know if it’s mixed with anything. There’s a new drug called Wet that’s really popular in Philly. It can cause schizophrenic episodes in otherwise mentally healthy people. It’s basically PCP. When I smoked it years ago I became really aggressive and was screaming at my friends. I had a psychotic episode not long after that and I wonder if the Wet had anything to do with it. But you really don’t know if they mix anything with the weed. Good luck to you and don’t be ashamed to go to a NA meeting if you’re struggling. :sunny: