Should I start up smoking weed again?

I haven’t smoked weed in over a year, but now that I find myself around some old faces, I cant socialize with them like I used to. I get irritated just knowing I have to be around them now. And lately I been frustrated, depressed (sometimes not as bad), and anxious. Although its all manageable at this point… nothing used to calm me down like smoking weed. What do you guys thinks/ has anyone been in a similar situation?

No, if you’re not smoking weed, it’s not a good idea to start. You’ll be adding fuel to the fire. No point in setting back any progress you’ve made.

Weed causes weight gain and psychosis it’s not good unless it’s Cbd based weed with a low thc content

Nope it can worsen schizophrenia

It’s illegal, expensive, and makes most schizophrenics symptoms worse.

it will make you unstable. dont do it

Weed + Sz = bad psychosis

Don t use can cause worsening your sz symptoms

I’ve been in that situation time and again. It’ll end up me using as a habit, not just to ward off some symptoms. Go with the advice here, lay off of it.