Should I risk going on holiday alone? Benefits

I’m planning to travel to India alone this December, this will be the first time abroad alone while being diagnosed with SZA and still having recurring psychotic episodes but they are somewhat managed. My care team don’t think it’s a good idea.

The thing is my due a PIP assessment for disability benefits anytime soon. I’m scared if I go on holiday it will affect my benefits as I’m seen as too able. It’s very hard to meet in criteria for PIP in the U.K. I can’t lie to them so will be seen as able and they will refuse me leaving me without much money to survive.

This is causing me much anxiety. Should I leave going on holiday alone and go with my support staff for a cheaper holiday, what would you do?

I don’t think it’s a good idea. You have a lot of symptoms still, and you’ll be all alone in another country where nobody speaks your language and health care is harder to access.


I’m sorry but I think you might need to reconsider India if your care team doesn’t think it is a good idea. You might not enjoy the cheaper holiday with the support staff as much but you will be with people who can look after you and you will still probably have a lot of fun.

And it won’t be forever. Maybe in a few years they will think you are able to go.


I think it’s not the best course of action. If you waiting to get on benefits get that sorted before travel. I agree with @ninjastar and @Futomimi . Put it off till your grounded and sorted!


My thinking is if you are thinking of doing this against the wishes of your care team then you are not thinking well. The care team would have assessed based on how you are whether it’s an ok thing for you to do or not. They have a duty of responsibility not to agree to anything that may adversely affect your mental health.

What symptoms do you currently have?

I traveled by myself while psychotic and hearing voices a few times and it was absolutely awful.

I remember being in Vienna in open toe shoes and summer clothes while everyone else had thick winter jackets on.

I asked a hostess if I could lend a blanket and give it back in the airport but she refused to let me take it off the plane.

A man passenger who over heard smuggled it and put it around me which was sweet.

I traveled while I was still hearing voices and I had a painful holiday …

They forced me to go to SeaWorld and swim with dolphins while I was psychotic and I felt sharks I thought and I suffered.

My family had no empathy for what I was going through.

They should not have forced me.
It made me worse.

I hope they would behave differently now adays .

I think that if you have symptoms you may do well in traveling with a professional or someone who cares for you.

Or both

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It was not a holiday yet it was
I was traveling to visit family.

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Can u travel alone @SacredNeigh7… sup…???

At the moment I am proud to have traveled alone interstate.

I do not hear voices anymore but have other symptoms but thankfully I traveled by myself recently.

I can not drive or public transport anymore but am dependent on help but I have a family member who is brave enough to let me drive soon so one day I could drive to a city close (few hours drive)all by myself .

That was many years ago and days of flight.

I have anxiety lately.

But I did really well.

How about you?
Can you travel?


I can travel alone only on city areas… I cant go to village alone…!!! I cant drive…!!! Hope one day i can travel alone to foreigh land i could study and drive and i can marry too…!!! Sz sucks…

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Reads like a good goal to have farcry.

I have accomplished some of my goals such as drivers license,aged care certificate,quit alcohol and cigarettes etc

One of my goals now is to be more independent in and with my driving.

The society can be very hateful and Nazi like and narrow minded about people who do not work.

I tried my best but could not work and still have symptoms.

I am not appreciated for who and all I am and for good I do in spirit etc

It’s “doesn’t deserve good food and cafe coffee…doesn’t deserve this n that …

Hateful indeed.

It’s not the way to be .

Encourage support positive optimistic pepp etc

I was a bullied child,teen and at forty I still get hated and adult

It’s not the way to help…

On the contrary and it sounds like jealous haters that are educated and in position of power they misuse.

My bro once said a girl who was leader of a organisation called friends to stop bullying was the biggest bully of them all but she hid behind beauracracy etc


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