Should I push myself?

Right now just doing 3 days per week of day treatment is making me exhausted. In the mornings my energy is high and I desperately want to go back to work. But by nightfall my chest hurts and it just feels terrible. I love my job working with kids. It’s rewarding and social. Besides having low energy, I’m pretty high functioning and can enjoy life and hike and stuff. Do you think I should try to work 1-2 or 3 days per week or just relax? It really bothers me not being busy enough. I have a hard time staying at home or even just wasting time. It’d be nice to engage in something worthwhile that makes me feel good about life.


I’d recommend just seeing how you go doing what your doing for 6 months or so. See if you can handle the rigors and demands of doing your 3 days. We are all different and such but the meds really slowed me down.

I’m a lot older so I won’t offer anything more than don’t be in a hurry. Take things slowly because that decreases stress and stress is the worst thing for someone with sz.

You don’t need to be in a hurry. I know mentally I always was after being diagnosed but that wasn’t the best policy!


Could you try working half-days a couple of days per week to start with to see how you do?

When will you be done with the day program? Maybe hold off on adding new activities until you’re done with the day program and have more time?


I agree with @rogueone


Yes my plan was to finish day treatment and go back to work by the time school starts in August. Everything would be just great if I had more energy. I notice my lack of energy is long term acting. It slowly progressed over the last two months. You can’t work half days though on Wednesday it’s only till 1 pm. Might as well try since they already signed me up for orientation. Maybe 2 days per week isn’t that bad.

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I agree with @rogueone.

It’s good to motivate yourself and push yourself, but it can have a negative impact. Speaking from experience, pushing yourself can result in stress. As you set the bar higher and higher, you’re forced to accomplish the goals that you’ve set yourself. Dont push it. Set a goal and hold it.If you think you’re ready for the next step, plan your next goal.

Listen to your body, dont over stimulate yourself.


What do you do for work?

My job is really ridiculously simple. I just substitute by watching a special education student in the classroom. But my energy is so low that even that is hard.

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I understand how hard that is. That’s why it is SO SIGNIFICANT that you do it! Way to go!

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