Should I go to the hospital even when my parents urge me not to (I’m 24)

They are the ones who pay for it.

I’m feeling dreadful after missing two straight morning meds. Mental torment.

It’s hard because I’m moving on Saturday.

The leAse doesn’t expire until the 27th when I need to return the keys.

How will I move if I’m in the hospital?

I’ve been wanting to go to the hospital for months because mental agony but my parents always urge me not to for various reasons.


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I would just speak to your Dr about this not go to hospital

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If you feel like going to the hospital would be a best choice, you should do so.

You need to take care of your health.

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Is there anything else you want? You do have a negotiating piece: “If not the hospital, would you give me thus and thus?”


Do you live alone?

I would report your situation to your pdoc first before going to the hospital. Let the dr decide if you need to go. That way your parents will have it on high authority that you do or don’t need hospital treatment


Where I live the hospital is reserved for those in immediate danger of harming themselves or others. Do you feel that describes you? If so, please do go in.

Or, are hospital stays different where you live? Or is it more of a long-term hospital situation, etc.?

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yea like others said i would talk to your pdoc and see what he/she suggests… if he/she also thinks you should go to the hospital then please go…

you should do what is best for you regardless if you have to move or not.

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